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Recent content by game3524

  1. game3524

    Preview JN036: Satoshi and Go, Crawl Up From the Sand Hell!

    Maybe a double battle and the boys have to counter sand tomb.
  2. game3524

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    It doesn’t have to be formulaic at all. Ash would fight new people and since they aren’t bound to any region, they have more then enough material to craft new and interesting storylines. The current template gives them a lot of flexibility.
  3. game3524

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    Leon is the reigning champion, so he likely gets to keep his position. But random Joes like Ash would likely start from the bottom again.
  4. game3524

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    Everyone starts from the bottom. So there has to be some sort of reset.
  5. game3524

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    There is also a chance that there is no next new series and that the next region transitions into the series like Johto. They could easily have Ash beat Leon and then lose in the next round and then have him compete in the PWC again.
  6. game3524

    Do you think Journeys is Ash's Swan Song?

    No. But I can see the series becoming less Ash-centric. I would not be surprised if they revisit the school setting from SM in the future, but expand on it. Maybe for the next series Ash enters a Battle Academy?
  7. game3524

    What's your favorite movie?

    Movie 3 1. The antagonist isn't hell bent on capturing some legendary Pokemon/world domination, but is a grief-stricken child. This hits far closer to home since her problems are relatable to anyone. 2. The conflict is personal for Ash. In the majority of the movies, the conflict isn't personal...
  8. game3524

    Did the writers originally plan for Ash to retire and Goh to be the focus character?

    It wasn't odd at all. They were trying to establish Go as a new co-lead, so Ash took a backseat early on.
  9. game3524

    Review JN030: The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd

    I really liked this episode. As I said last week, I was looking forward to them doing something different with Pikachu. It was the first time in a long-time that Pikachu felt like it's own individual character again. I also love how they were willing to showcase Ash's insensitive side a bit...
  10. game3524

    Preview JN030: The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd

    It may seem OOC for Pikachu, but I am glad they are showing a different side of him. Despite his status as the face of the franchise and the most important character on the show, the writers rarely do anything with Pikachu character wise. Even back in the OS, Ash's character arc wasn't centered...
  11. game3524

    Will Ash Have a Rotating Team Again?

    The problem with the rotation in BW is that the writers were never going to rotate out the starters. So that basically left only two spots to share for the other Pokemon. In this series, Ash having a base to go back to really helps out. He spends a good chunk of his time in Vermillion, so the...
  12. game3524

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I wouldn't put much stock in the Kalos merch. It is part of a series of bandai "mascot" mons from each region. They released the Unova one (which was number 13 in the series with Kalos being 14) a few months ago and none of them showed up when the boys went to Unova.
  13. game3524

    Do you think the anime will have a full conclusion or simply an end?

    No. Ash and Pikachu are more "brands" than actually characters these days. The only time the show (with Ash as a lead) could have gotten a proper ending was back in Kanto, before they decided to extend the show due to how popular it was. Now, longtime fans best shot at getting real closure to...
  14. game3524

    Preview JN030: The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Barrierd

    Hopefully this isn't another Pikachu refuses to evolve episode. It would be nice if this episode brings a reunion between Pikachu and Kangaskhan.
  15. game3524

    What pokemon and strategie would you like the Galar gym leaders to use in the new anime?

    Once Ash finishes up the World Tournament then he is off to the next region featured in generation 9. There will be no traditional Galar series.