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  • Oh, hey, pal, what's up?

    In general, I'm fine. Still looking for a new job here ^^". I haven't played my gen V game in months too, kinda unmotivated (still playing more Platinum and HG, though XP).

    And you, everything okay? ^^
    didn't know the match ups were posted. sorry. guess i have one more week. I've been out off the loop for the past week
    oh naw it's just a giveaway of extra babies and random stuff i don't need :p though i have them all backed up into pokecheck.
    IRC never lies.

    HG/SS abuse is easy. Go for it. Secret shop...?
    it helps when/if someone has a question later about a trade we had :)
    i hope so :3
    accepted :D

    ah ya, my own giveaway thread might be a bit much for me now that i have all this going on too lol but i'm going to wait to see how it goes on a day-to-day basis before making any decisions.
    haha thank you! I keep a record of almost every trade i've done so i'm sure your name would've popped back into my mind had i seen it :3
    Can't wait to start working with you all (officially haha)! There's so much to learn xP
    :) that is fantastic! :D Well.... a little while ago, my love of trading kinda wavered...but I just don't really have the heart to close the shop down, ya know?..... EEEEH! :D That sounds awesome..... if you wanna borrow any of my pokes.... u can :)
    That's a great Registeel, nice job. I think one my shiny Registeels is in a Premier Ball as well, I thought it was a cool combo. I never tested out the whole Gigas activation in depth, so maybe you only need 1 3rd gen Regi to get it to work.

    Thanks, I just looked the event up. I'll get that sometime soon. The bonus moves are stupid, but at least I can get a Zekrom.
    Yeah, I haven't had much interest or time lately. That's good you eventually got the Regice in a Dive Ball, a lot of times I completely run out and have to start over -__-

    PM'd you what PokeRNG gave me for results.
    6 delays in a row? I'm jelly. :3

    HG/SS is better than Plat from what I hear, because you can use Elm Calls to verify your seed as soon as you get in-game, which I don't think you can do with Plat (and you definately can't do it in BW).

    Actually, I've abused my Plat ID for a shiny Timid HP Grass spread so I can catch a shiny 31/x/31/30/31/31 Timid Flash Fire Houndour, but I can't actually RNG captures on Plat and I'm on at Jubilife City anyways ;_;

    Yeah, Careful Registeel is cool. You could do Impish but Careful is probably best.

    Alright, have fun shopping. :3
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