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  • Well, if Jirachi is untouched, or even if it's touched, its level is below 50 and it has Draco Meteor, I would like it!
    Just need to transfer Mightyena to my other game, so I can trade them both.
    Well, my plan is actually to trade both of them for one event poké. I have all the standard legendaries. Would you happen to have another shiny to offer for it?
    See yah!
    All right, next week will work.
    Thing is, the Mightyena is in my Soul Silver game, and I can't transfer it to white 2 (I don't have a second 3DS system, and I still haven't reached a point in the game where I can do that), so only Beedrill will be available.

    But I want to know, what are you offering?
    Hi. I don't know how to pokécheck it...
    I got it in a trade, and the original trainer said it was legit.

    What pokémon do you have for trade? I'm looking for events.

    If you'd like, we could trade, and you check to see if it's really legit or not. If it's the case, we can trade back.
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