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  • Nope, still can't...I think we both have to be playing once at the same time. You'll have either Rhydon, Shuckle, or Barbaracle as your third though according to Serebii.

    To change avatars you enter the Online Menu on the PSS, and go to Profile, then click on the button with your avatar and picture and you can change avatars. I didn't realize they had the Gym Leaders/E4 up as selectable pictures till a week ago or so, I think they may have added them recently because I don't recall seeing them before.
    I can't say that I care too much for those Pokémon, but maybe mine will be of use to you: 3437-3137-9408

    I don't know which Pokémon I have. Could you let me know?
    It's Bye-be (バイビー). It's a piece of 80s slang that's more or less dead now but it does still show up from time to time.
    1. I have Y, and if to be honest, the game is a bit boring so far; I can understand why the leakers took their time. I like online passerby battles and 3D battles in general.

    2. Skiddo and male Meowstic. Dragalge gets points for becoming something that I appreciate even though I dislike its pre-evolution.

    3. Without a doubt Kangaskhan. I appreciate some of the others, but I don't consider them improvements over the original designs. I dislike the rest.
    Have the leakers said anything lately? At this point I'd rather do the investigating on my own come Saturday, but I want to know that the leakers are just being lazy as opposed to being stumped in terms of discoveries.
    I'm sure that Hiro would have said so if that had been the case. He knew that people were disappointed about the lack of brand new Pokémon; there being little more than 20 Mega Evolutions would only make things worse.
    So Hiro lied about the number of Pokémon being closer to 90 than to 70, eh? Please tell me that people are going to stop giving him any attention.
    Why have the leaks come to a grinding halt?

    Aside from the fact that AZ was a king 3000 years ago, the details don't seem to fit the Abyssal Ruins legend. From what we've heard, AZ created Yveltal and brought destruction upon Kalos. In contrast, the Unova king was described as a benevolent man who saved his people.

    Life is gratitude.
    Eating is receiving life.
    Good or evil isn't all.
    Do not be barbaric.
    One must not waste.
    All is precious.
    Wars create tears.
    Shine if agreed.
    While the second line is a bit ominous depending on your interpretation, it is clear that the Abyssal Ruins king was against barbaric waste of life.

    King defeated ●●●●● alone
    ●●●●● joined King in a day
    King called ●●●●● beings
    King is hope and future
    The great King ●●●●●●●●
    Note that "Xerneas" and "Yveltal" can't fit into any of these.
    My opinion hinges on the plot and the variety of Mega Evolutions, so it's too early for me to say what I think. I don't mind the low number of new Pokémon, considering that we have 66 brand new non-legendary critters, which is just between the numbers introduced in the previous even-numbered generations (75 and 64, respectively). The question is if the Mega Evolutions make up for the lack of cross-generational evolutions, and if the story does Xerneas, Yveltal and Mewtwo justice. Sadly, I have big doubts about these points.
    The funny thing is I've seen the opposite reaction, most people seem to like Mewtwo X over Mewtwo Y.
    I am not sure that this is the majority opinion. But I guess that most fans think that Mewtwo should be big and tough and that's more or less the extent of that thought process.

    They should have at least made Mewtwo Y Psychic/Fairy. I think it could have looked better, but I'll take what I can get. It comforts me that I can just ignore the X universe and focus on Mewtwo's story in Y.
    The starters' evolutions are not appealing to me. I hope that Fennekin is just going through an awkward phase and that it will at least end up as an elegant witch. Otherwise I don't see myself using any starter.

    I like Torimian and the male cat; I think I'll use both of them unless they end up being terribly gimmicky (which I doubt for Torimian, since it has an excellent ability). I actually prefer the Ice-type fossil to its counterpart; dinosaurs aren't my thing.

    Mega Garchomp looks bizarre, but it is not as if I liked Garchomp to begin with. What mostly bothers me is that they aren't promoting Mega Evolutions for Pokémon that actually need them like Mawile and Absol.

    Mega Mewtwo X... is an abomination. For the first time in my history as a fan, I can't bring myself to accept a new design. Mewtwo did not need to become a fighter and this makes me very worried about its story.
    I didn't recognize you at first.

    I'm glad that Game Freak didn't go too far with the designs while still doing something new. I won't use any of them because they were never my favorites (I am not fond of most of the starters' final evolutions), but I hope that this opens a new chapter for them in competitive battling. I'm also intrigued to know how they will be used in the anime and in the games' story, since Serena/Calem and Shauna also seem to get them in addition to the Kalos starters.
    Ultimately, every leaker attached to a website is an asshole and the only pure leakers are the Japanese dudes who risk getting arrested and anonymously leak pictures of Pokemon to that VIP 2ch board.
    MageLeif isn't an asshole. WPM lied about the way things happened: MageLeif started posting leaked tidbits on Nintendo Pipeline back in February, and then in April he passed it off as a wishlist on BMGf. WPM noticed the list and must have found it suspicious (it certainly doesn't look like a typical wishlist), and then in May his suspicion grew when Parabolic Charge was revealed (although this seems like a pretty trivial prediction to me). It was then that he contacted MageLeif rather than the other way around. Granted, it was foolish of MageLeif to give WPM more information, but I guess that he got excited. WPM obviously cared about his site more than he did about the repercussions.
    What was the deal with Hiro saying that MageLeif's rumors were mostly fake? It's such a nasty lie that I'm surprised he still has followers.
    I think that Macos should be able to find it, since he knows the language and seems to have a good memory regarding Hiro and Melkor. Do you think that they'll post their own list soon, or have they realized that it isn't a good idea? I don't understand why they got away with it in the first place. Poor MageLeif wasn't working for Nintendo, either.
    It was just a joke. It's pretty funny to think of it as an addiction, but I didn't mean to offend you.
    Did Hiro say that Sableye and Dunsparce definitely wouldn't get new evolutions? Granted, I wouldn't trust him since he claimed that MageLeif was mostly lying. WPM apparently talked with Melkor, and even he thinks that Hiro pretends to know more than he actually does.
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