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  • So the pre-E3 rumor was yours?

    I think that the new Pokémon are nice, but I don't need to see more brand new Pokémon right now because we've already seen enough and they won't make or break the game for me. So I hope that you're right that next month's scoop will involve new evolutions, because at least that will affect my excitement. But even then, it is the story and features that really worry me.
    But for straight-up Parasect evolution, having the mushroom pretty much become the whole body and the insect body basically reduced to nothing would be a pretty creepy idea.
    I find this design satisfying.

    No clue what they can do with Magcargo.
    The evolution should be more Cherufe-like, like the creature on the left. I can't say that I want it to be creepy, but I guess there is no other way. I remember people thinking that Torkoal was its evolution, but that didn't really make sense.

    Sudowoodo would benefit becoming a larger tree, I think, and I'd love if they play around and give it like a tree-top afro. Or make it more Pinocchio like.
    I like the Pinocchio idea, especially as Bonsly and Sudowoodo are deceivers.
    Yes to Farfetch'd. I kind of like "Mr. XY's" idea that he wouldn't evolve, but the leek would instead, that just would be something whimsical in my mind that'd make me laugh and if it got decent stat upgrades, everyone would be happy.

    Parasect is cool, but I think a Paras alternate-evolution where it takes back over control would be an idea. But for straight-up Parasect evolution, having the mushroom pretty much become the whole body and the insect body basically reduced to nothing would be a pretty creepy idea.

    Dunsparce of course, I'm thinking based off the ouroboros (eating its own tail).

    Qwilfish seems like turning into one of those lionfish would be simple enough.

    Corsola would be cool if it turned into a larger coral "house" or something along those lines since animals live in coral, maybe introduce a new Pokemon that allows it to evolve when it's paired up with it.

    Delibird needs an evolution, but the only thing I can think of it making it more Santa-like.

    No clue what they can do with Magcargo.

    Sudowoodo would benefit becoming a larger tree, I think, and I'd love if they play around and give it like a tree-top afro. Or make it more Pinocchio like.

    Sunflora I thought a Grass/Fire Sunflower would be cool.

    No to Delcatty, it's alright to me.

    Mawile should probably be based off another yokai, perhaps the one with the stretching neck? That or have one and give it pigtail mouths and make it resemble Hatsune Miku since she's popular in Japan.

    Sableye of course, preferably expanding on the alien motif.

    Volbeat and Illumise taking on the appearance of French aristocrats would fit Kalos quite well.

    Lunatone and Solrock are alright to me.

    Swoobat seems likely perhaps as a throwback to Crobat, I thought making it succubus like such as Morrigan from Capcom's DarkStalkers would work.

    Audino should probably extend its nurse motif, maybe elephantine in appearance since it's got the hearing motif.
    Excluding the Movie Pokemon, in Gen IV the only pre-release evolutions we got were Electivire and Roserade revealed in August, correct?
    Yes. If you count pre-evolutions, Happiny was revealed in September.

    Which Pokemon do you want to see evolve?
    Deep breath: Farfetch'd, Parasect, Dunsprace, Qwilfish, Corsola, Delibird, Magcargo, Sudowoodo, Sunflora, Delcatty, Mawile, Sableye, Volbeat+Illumise (a shared evolution with gender differences), Lunatone, Solrock, Swoobat and Audino. In other words, Pokémon with particularly low stats that aren't associated with gimmicks or early routes.

    In terms of alternate evolutions, I'm only interested in a Fairy-type evolution for Pikachu and a male Kangaskhan counterpart. For pre-evolutions, it's the popular candidates: Tauros/Miltank, Kangaskhan and Lapras.
    I don't see why people think that Honedge is likely to evolve. It seems like a Spiritomb counterpart to me.

    I dislike the lack of new evolutions, especially if the 2ch report is the real deal. The only pre-release Generation II evolutions were Slowking and Bellossom (no pre-evolutions had been revealed at all), but at least the concept of new evolutions was promoted as a big deal. I'd be fine if they introduced the bulk of new evolutions at a later point via DLC (in fact, I encourage it), but I still think that there should be around 10 from the get-go.
    It's rare for me to have a strong opinion on new Pokémon. Flabébé has potential if it isn't gimmicky, but I'm going to be shallow and say that Clauncher and Skrelp are an eyesore.
    Tendou you must be happy that Mega Man is in the next Smash Bros. I know I am they finally answered to are pleas. I can't wait for these games to come out XD
    I am doing a BW Retrospective. Would you like to participate in it? What I am doing is to gather opinions on BW's past when all of it were new, and then the one who opines will reveal their opinions on that matter now, such as when the names of the games were first revealed and the batch of Pokemon revealed. The list include competitive battling stuff (including Triples and Rotations), B2W2, Localisation and some miscellany (this category includes the Melkor's leak period and the Striation-Shadow speculation), if you want.

    If you agree to participate, you will be given a list through PM, and then you could choose at least one topic to cover.

    Thanks for reading.
    Can you believe all these butthurt Misty fans jealous over May's popularity?

    EDIT:Irrelevant April 1st post.
    Aw, that sucks. I just started drawing recently myself and was trying to find another anime sectioneer besides Yamashita and CommanderPigg who drew fanart. For the record, I haven't taken any classes nor had any talent either before starting to draw around the end of January and I wear contacts/glasses. Sucks that you don't however.

    Anyway, which starter is your favorite of all the new ones and what is your opinion on Sylveon?
    Oh i see. Interesting. I used to watch Gundam anime long time ago, though never on regular basis with channel in my country for some reason stopping with airing in middle of Mobile suit Gundam Seed series. And some other interests appeared in my life turning to them.

    Thanks for answering, i hope we will have sometimes opportunity to talk more in future, get know ourselves better and find out if we have mutual interests and preferences.

    Who knows, maybe we could even become friends at some point.
    Hi, i know this is random drop in. But since i see you on daily basis on bulbagarden for quite awhile i always wandered from where your username derive from? Does it has some special meaning, because i find it unique.

    Im simply curious, nothing else.
    I saw that on Neogaf as well, but its likely the header for the site. Note how DS and Commodore 64 are there also if you search the code.
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