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  • Hmm Id have thought being a Christian would cloud your vision when studying other religions. I assumed it was the kind of thing you would need to approach with an open mind. But if it works for you, then clearly I was wrong. :p
    Religious history and philosophy sounds very interesting, though. What urged you to choose this path of study?

    Well, thats certainly a uniting trait of all continents, but I think thats more a coincidence, or a standard brought about after they were classed as continents. I always thought it was someting to do with multiple countries on the one landmass, but Australia and Antarctica dont fit that. I wonder what does define a continent.

    Haha Ive been a fan of Harry for a while now too. I mean, I could read in Year 1, so not that long ago, but I think I was in about Year 5 when I got Chamber of Secrets (yes, I started at #2 haha). I was a huge fan during primary school...I was sooo disappointed when I turned 11 and didnt get an owl inviting me to Hogwarts.
    Hahaha I see what you did thar. Very clever. ;)
    Why Religious Studies? Im guessing you're an Aethiest, then, or at least Agnostic? Which religions are you focusing on? Ill admit, Ive always found the psychology behind religion fascinating.

    I believe Australia is technically a continent, though I cant remember tthe conditions that classify a continent. Just because a country starts and ends with the same letters doesnt make it a continent, though. I know that much. :p
    So to answer your question; Its both!

    Well, Im certainly visiting Illinois and Texas, as I have very dear friends there, but I guess I could squeeze in a couple of theme parks too.
    Hahaha you're one hell of a Harry Potter fan, arent you?
    Ah well, so what are you studying? (not sure if I asked this yet...got so many student friends)

    Ooh the Vatican would be amazing! I love Italian architecture. I also want to tour Japan at some point.

    Ive never been out of Australia before. Provided Tasmania still counts as Australia. Planning on heading to America sometime next year, though.

    You mean is Australia a country or continent?
    Haha well, who doesnt love an excuse to eat alot? Its always fun. :p may as well set aside a day every year for just that!

    How long until you finish college? Thatd be great. What places do you want to go to the most?
    Hi....Can you change Aron's nickname to 'AGGRON' cos i want no nickname now, and if you change back to aronit will stay aron when it evoles right?
    so please change to AGGRON so when it evoles to Aggron it will say AGGRON
    Please, sorry if this is too much to ask for
    Oooh so thats what its all about. Ive been asking all my American friends and getting different info from each of them :p though put together it probably gives the whole story.

    Oh...then why is it celebrated in November? Seems a whole to wait...

    Sydney? Pffft...cant stand Easteners, myself. I know some people who think Sydney is the capital of Australia. WA is so much better. Though hopefully you'll get to see this great country one day.
    So whats the reason behind this nation-wide eat-fest?
    Aaaw its a shame you couldnt come. Where were you wanting to go? And why did your parents say no?
    Heheh its fine, Ill get your reply eventually anyway. Sorry it was so early...Im not sure where you are, so I find it hard to plan times around you :p

    Thanksgiving? Ah, so your American, then. Its just an American tradition, and all my American friends are busy getting ready for it. Never seen whats so special about turkeys myself...
    And my land is called Australia!
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