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  • Okay. Also, do you happen to know why my last VM to you became... nothing? I see that VM in the conversation, but now nothing's written on it.
    That's all right, technically in your time zone it was already July 3 by the time I was born anyway (actually, I think you were like a minute or two away from getting not only my birthday or birthhour, but my exact birthminute :p )
    Your welcome. Yeah i know, i just wanted to thank you for all help and tips you gave to me(it may not seem that way to you, but your patience and guidelines helped alot). And for marvelous job you done in bringing more order and harmony in this place.

    Im glad that you will still be present around from time to time, because it would be shame that bulbagarden loses someone like you. Too many great, intelligent and very interesting members left this place. Too many friends i met in here dont come anymore which looking back is kinda unfortunate, but also understandable given other priorities and interests in life which take precedence.
    Sad that your leaving this place(anime section i mean), but thats part of life and constant growing up i guess. Like saying goes "we learn as long as we live".

    I want to thank you for your dedicated and dilligent work. You definitely managed to bring much needed order and more stable atmosphere in what turned out to be mess of anime subforum. Full of trolls, bashing and awful negativity(granted, unintentionally i contributed to this feeling too).

    You were always helpful, willing to listen to other doubts and concerns bringing thoughts in polite and civil way.

    I know we had small frictions in past, we may have not seen eye to eye on everything but i holded always great deal of respect and appreciation for you as person and member.

    And maybe under different, more fortunate circumstances we may have get chance to get each other know better and be even friends.

    I want to express gratitude for everything because i will miss you, and congrats on your promotion wishing you all the best in your future challenges you may face as administrator.
    Fair enough, but trith to be told i wasn't intending to talk about Misty at all. It may seem that im "obsessed" with her but i have other, much more important interests and hobbies than having my time consumed by certain fictional character. Which while i would like to see comeback for sequel and appreciate being part of my childhood and find is heavily underrated in fandom which dont acknowledge her contribution or unfinished story,, potential to grow forward(which most dont even remember, talking about falling in oblivion) which writers left uncleared, open is far, far away from my list of priorities. Even as far as where hobbies go.

    I have plenty other interests mate being open to all kind of subjects to talk about. And if you gave me chance, who knows maybe i manage to dissuade you being able to enjoy in conversation with me. ;-)

    Once you get to know me maybe you realize how im nothing like first impression may have implied.
    Hello, hope im not disturbing, but i would like to ask if it would be acceptable that i post/revive thread "what would be your ideal cast in pokemon anime(doesn't have to include Ash)?". Its in contest and games sub forum and i would like to post in topics i find interesting to post my opinions, because of not having chance to do this yet.

    I suppose silence indicates how your not interested in talk. Thats fine, cant blame you. After all we are basically strangers and my bad record from past probably left negative image. Image which will requitre long period of time to get erased with people thrusting me again, if ever.

    Im not crazy, its just im friendly liking to establish new contacts and get to know people.
    Hi, i don't like bumping randomly but sometime to start conversation, make friuends and just have fun chat this is best way. If you get what i mean?:p

    Anyhow i just realized you have been around for 4 years and i never really got chance to talk with you. Get to know you better or have conversation outside of talks related to rules(kinda sad, isn't it?). I don't practice this to do with random people, but since we have been in contact relatively frequently over past few months i thought it might be worth a shot.

    So would you mind if i send to you PM message, to get know each other better. Share our thoughts about some things be it pokemon or about other various topics.

    You seem like intelligent and reasonable person, and while i can sometime be enthralled or adamant in my opinions. Im not a bad guy at all liking peaceful, mature and dispensable talks for fun. You know what they say "first impressions can be misleading".

    So what do you say? I didn't wanted to write you message and send it randomly, taking in account thar you may not feel like chatting.

    But if you do let me know and ill send you message. :)
    I'll have that Gulpin ready in a matter of minutes, gender doesn't matter, right? And I remember that you wanted "Wimpy" for the nickname.
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