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  • If you dont have time to help me about question i asked concerning about posting in one of older threads could you let me know. So that i ask another mod for help?
    You wouldn't mind if I posted this in the "unpopular opinions" thread:

    Iris is a good character (despite her less-than-good catchphrase but that's beside the point) but I wish she was already Drayden's apprentice and was trying to prove to him by succeeding him as the Opelucid Gym Leader. It would've been a more concrete goal than becoming a Dragon Master. Plus, it would've been nice if Drayden treated Iris like his grandchild as a sort of irony. It'd be kinda cute too.
    You're a Good Plan, Charlie Brown:
    A behind the scenes look on how the upcoming 2015 film
    went into production:
    You’re a Good Plan, Charlie Brown: A peek into the meticulous vision behind 2015′s ‘Peanuts’ feature film
    Sorry, sorry. I admit my mistakes. I have a problem with Serena.

    I like Serena (surprisingly) as a cute character and I used to have potential but recently I saw very few screentime for her outside XY21 and some things that I have with present who will not apparently be resolved until the battle after Grant (XY25). The main problems that I have: being passive in almost everything, having little focus as a character, not having two pokemon, not getting battles.

    I don't want to suffer more than 1 year of Serena if she's so passive I hope it changes.

    About some of the discussion, there's no point is giving theories of something that could be easily wrong but not only, even if you know what I'm trying to say, the fandom doesn't. The fandom doesn'0t know about her VA, for example.

    I think that I deserved a temporarily banning for doing that.
    Bulbagarden: Where all the admin are strong, all the mods are good looking, and all the users are above average.
    Man, what's even more ironic that rapping was in a Peanuts special is the that the special in particular is that Charles Schulz supervised on that one.

    I think that Craig Schulz and crew are just trying to play the
    "better to be safe than sorry" card.
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