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  • ty for the shellder ^^
    now that i see its iv spread, do you think that you could nickname it for me?
    it's fine, dont worry xD
    i just added you, i should be around for the next half hour or so (its kinda late here)
    Well, Idk where you usually RP but on bulbagarden we are strong believers in 'no goddmodding' because some people get WAY to upset about it, so I'm sorry, that's how people have kind of come to RP on here...
    I'm sorry, tbh, I will try everything to keep you, I don't want to lose Anyone....but one post everyday doesn't exactly keep you updated, so sorry if we can't work together :( but I will try no matter what
    Looks like you got stuck in the wrong party in Sacred Army. :XD: My group's progressing painfully slowly... Yours fills three pages per day! :p
    Some humanoid Pokémon could. It just depends. But I'm imagining a Hippopotas staggering around with a sleeping bag on its back.
    You're absolutely welcome if you want to join - the setting is borrowed from The Dark Knight anyway so you'd be fine.

    It's entirely up to you.

    I noticed your inquiry about rp post-length. Some GMs (a.k.a. me) encourage substantial posts, but the general pace in our roleplay community is quick and posts are modest.

    For most of our rp'ers, two full paragraphs seems to be the extent of their attention span. :XD:

    As long as you aren't progressing the whole plot three days per post, long posts aren't going to bother anyone and are certainly very welcome. You can generally get an idea of the pace of a particular roleplay by the level of detail in the sign-ups.
    Hey honey. I'm the old fogey that was in charge or the RP forum like fifty years ago (not really, just a year back, haha). Hide in Plain Sigh (@Mako ;) is the new dude in charge (he's horrible... and smells like pickles). Anywho, I can answer your question. You can write as long of replies as you want (in fact, we encourage it)!
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