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  • Aha. :p He's from the series Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom). I've been reading the manga for a few months now and am in love with the series. The anime actually started up about two months ago and is also really good. It's a shounen series, but is a bit different from the whole "adventure and friendship" theme. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a new series. ^^
    Signature or avatar? My avatar is currently a transparent square, so I'm not sure it's all that funny. :p But thank you very much either way!! It's funny, because I was actually thinking the same about your avatar. ^^ I feel like I've seen the image before, and I really love the style of it. Gives off such a good vibe, if that makes sense. :p

    And thank you!! Good luck to you as well - I except this to be a fun game. (~:
    Oh, come on, you really shouldn't have put it on hiatus just for me :/
    Anyways, it looks like you left this place as well, so best of luck in your endeabors as well!
    Hello. I can see you have been online since I sent the last PM: if you are not going to complete your judging can you please just let us know so we can replace you.
    Heh with my collection of Pokemon I'd have a fit. ^^; But you definitely have a good attitude! So I wish for the best. :)
    Would you like me to close your thread? I can re-open it anytime you'd like. Though I'm also sorry to hear about the bad news that's terrible. :(
    Yes, they are lurking for the whole year and only post towards the end of the year to feign activity! They are our best target! xD
    Got it. Hope it has some fun shenaningans xD

    Yeah :( VOTE: Exams VOTE THEM HAAAAAARD! :p
    Sounds nice, hope you have fun. Well, exams, mafias, silly talk with friends, as always :D
    ultimate miller mason with one copcheck and half a vigilante shot

    It is cool how you change the second word to match the given situation xP
    You should finish Dual Destinies! It gets a lot more interesting in the third case, the first two cases mostly flesh things out.
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