• Snowy challenges a fellow Firebrand. Watch here as he competes for his third Gym Badge.
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  • Hi. I saw your screenshot post.
    Coincidentally, I'm having Ed move away as well because I do kind of want to see more fresh faces in town.
    I'll make sure to give it a look.

    I'll be damned, I was true. We love the same stuff. Death metal! lml Ever listened to this?
    I'm loving Marshall's theme song, though it may be a tad too long. :D Hey, I'm starting to think we have the same taste in music
    Hey, thanks for applying to Pirate Guild! I'll be happy to have you on board, of course :) if you have any friends that like to RP, bring them over!

    P.S. Eternal love for Tenacious D ;p
    Hey, I just sent a friend request or whatever with the Friend Codes and such now that that's all in order. So next time you boot up the 3DS and see a scraggy-looking Mii named Blaize wanting to add you to his list, that's me.
    Awesome! And I'll fix up my sign up as well; I don't actually need one as a second year so I can just delete it for now. This will be fun *u*
    Hey! In Tower Academy I noticed our characters have the same last name. How would you feel about making our ocs siblings? Scholar said it was cool with her if we edit our histories and I think it could be really interesting. Do you like the idea or no? If not, I'm totally fine with that.
    It was a good friend of mine or ex good friend of mine he and me were wonderful friends or so I thought apparently he was just stringing me along just so he could call me creepy at the end of it all. That was tonight even since then I've been depressed whenever I came on the forums and I came to these forums the have fun not to be depressed.
    Btw, the only reason I gave that explanation was cause Steve told me that, since I lagged for a while. It's an interesting predicament, really o-o
    Have you tried limiting your memory usage on your comp? That can help in some cases xD But, Warframe isn't the best game to play when your in multi, since it's mostly peer-to-peer with some underlying TCP/IP packet distribution. Clients disconnect whenever the host doesn't have fast enough packets, and you may not be receiving them quickly enough. Really, it's something they need to work out >>;
    Aw, you don't play anymore? And yes, yes it is. The recent updates have REALLY made things good and balanced... on the damage end.
    If there's anything specific you want I could probably get it for you. ATM I've got perfect Rotom (Calm, 31/x/31/31/31/x), Ferroseed (Brave, 31/31/31/x/31/x) and Gible (Adamant, 31/31/31/x/31/31, Outrage egg move) if you want one of those. :)
    I just add your friend code for the safari, here is my info so you can add me back =D
    trainer: Korra
    FC: 1864-9831-2563
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