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  • Yeah, sure. Should be on around that time so just message me. If it's okay aswell if I can trade my Onix + Metal coat so I can get a Steelix?
    Okay, just let me know when your ready, I'll check around the same time you sent your last message so hopefully we'll both be on
    Hey I'm sorry for being inactive on here but I would really like to complete the trade. Gligar for squiertle. When you see this VM please PM me. Thank you :)
    It was wasn't it? Because that was the only place I got it from, sorry about the late response I was away

    Oh so sorry, I was meant to give you the DW not the egg, I still have it if you want it?

    Edit: I'll be back on in an hour or two so if you can reply wether or not you still want the shinx that would be great thanks, plus if you wouldn't mind giving me back the non DW Shinx so I still have one, thanks
    OK, I have that Bunnery ready but on weekdays (for this week only) I come back home at 6:00pm so you can either trade with me after 6 or saturday or sunday morning or saturday or Friday night, vm me back which one we will trade, get that Tepig ready, my white fc: 081934470852
    I'm getting a message that the friend code is wrong on my ds. o.o

    EDIT: Nvm I got it :p
    Hey, thanks for the trade! Sorry about the delay etc. I don't have a Zekrom yet as I'm waiting to get it cloned but I'll let you know when I do. I have some pokemon from the Dream world that I could breed for for starters if you're interested though. I could get a Doduo, Bellsprout, Ponyta, Exeggcute, Stantler, Shinx, Lotad & Nidoran female
    hey, do you still want to trade the blastoise from your thread for my shiny pelipper. If so PM me when your online, my FC is on my profile
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