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  • Haha, well we didn't really take the test forum too seriously, since it was all going to be deleted in a few days anyway. So we just went nuts and made posts about all sorts of strange and pointless topics, like would Ash's gender ever be retconned. :p

    Don't worry, it's okay to get distracted. There's a bigger world out there than Bulbagardens, after all.^^

    I've been okay. I recently got promoted to provisional mod status, so I'm learning to shoulder a whole new level of responsibility.
    Welcome back! Yeah, you missed the whole upgrade process where we got transferred to a test forum and all just trolled around for a week.^^

    And please don't worry, I understand if you can't be on all the time. I'm still here and of course I still want to talk. :)
    I've been good, thanks. We've had some really lovely weather over here these past few days, so that's helped to heighten my spirits. I should be getting a new camera soon too, so I'm excited about that.^^

    How about you? Been up to much lately?
    I actually have another lunchbox I've been taking in with me, since it's a bit bigger than my tapeworm one. This one says, "I am not a suspiscious package." It either gets me a smile or an odd look. XD

    And no, don't worry, I understand if you can't be hugely active all the time...there is more to life than Bulbagardens, after all.^^ Just keep going at your own pace. :)
    Ah, answering that might ruin the twist ending somewhat. ;) I'm not actually sure, though it's kind of implied that they'll die, but will be reborn. It's a pretty strange ending (albeit not quite the same level of "strange" as the ending of The End of Evangelion!).

    "Housemate" basically just means someone who I share my house with. I have two of them.

    Weiss Kreuz is very melodramatic, though it's also very funny in its way.^^
    Yeah, it's a pretty imtimidating expression. Here in the UK, we have the term "getting the sack", which sounds a lot nicer by comparison. :p

    Wolf's Rain is about these four wolves who have the ability to take on human form. They live in a world which is supposedly nearing its end, and are in search of this girl called the "Flower Maiden", who will open the way to a reborn paradise. It can be pretty grim at times, but it's very good.

    My housemate is really into anime, so she's a bigger expert on it than me. She showed me a series called Weiss Kreuz, which is about these guys who are florists by day, assassins by night. It's...entertaining.^^ She also showed me Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion - which just confused me. :p
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