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  • I used to have similar worries about my eyebrows peeling off...thankfully, that one didn't develop into a phobia. :p

    So far, I haven't really read a lot of manga, though there are a few anime series I like, notably Wolf's Rain. How about you? (and no worries, I sometimes have the same concerns.^^)
    Somebody once told me that it was a knot tied in the stomach at birth, and I grew up ever-worrying that it would come undone and all my insides would fall out. :p

    I'm not worried about that happening any more, but I still don't like looking at them, or the thought of anything coming into contact with my own.
    What would you say blood tastes like then? :p

    Also, do you have any weird phobias? Personally, I'm afraid of belly buttons. That's called omphalophobia. :3
    No worries, I'm always very secretive about my own writing, so I completely understand. Sometimes it's nice to write a piece exclusively for your own eyes.

    I've always thought that blood tastes a bit like when you lick the tip of a metal fork. You're right, mouth-blood does taste slightly different, though I'm not it would be comparable to...I'll keep it in mind next time I accidentally bite my tongue or my cheek. :p
    Well, at least there was no blood - it still kind of hurts though. :p

    Fanfic sounds cool - what's it about? Yeah, I gotta admit I'm still kinda missing DP.
    You're welcome! You seem to be a great Conway fan, and that pleases me.^^

    I'm fine, though today I managed to cut myself in the mouth with a plastic fork. :p How about you?
    Well I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I thought before words like 'gustar' - to please, 'encantar' - to love (thing), and 'amar' - to love (person) you used me, te, le, nos or les, representing the subject.
    eg 'me gusta español' literally translates to 'Spanish pleases me' and 'le amo Conway' would be 'I love Conway', with le showing that a third person is being loved.
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