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    Team Plasma

    That would be amazing.
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    Team Plasma

    Geechisu is the administrator. Not sure if anyone else is. He also seems to have some family relation to N, who is suspected to lead, or at least have a high position in it. I really want a Man Behind the Curtain situation and have Geechisu actually be the leader.
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    Bosses and Lords (AKA Giovanni's Story) (In UK ratings, 11+)

    I only have one major problem with the story, apart from what's been mentioned. Maxie, in all canons, is most definitely male. Although the name seems predominately female, it's a more childish, diminutive nickname of Maxwell or Maximilian. Other fandoms have men with the same name; i.e. Maxie...
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    Champion pairing dicussions.

    Alriiigghhttttt. I support; MizuhikiShipping; CyrusXCynthia FUCK YEAH LoliShotaShipping; StevenXCynthia EarthquakeShipping: MaxieXCynthia stop looking at me like that OriginShipping; WallaceXSteven FUCK YEAH MasqueradeShipping; LanceXWill FUCK YEAH And AkaiShipping; LanceXKamon
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    Clever Pokémon Nicknames

    Re: Pokemon Nicknames! What have you named your team and what meanings do the names h MAIN TEAM: Typhlosion - Tzekel-Kan, the villain in The Road to El Dorado Arbok - Megumi, a character in 'The World Ends With You' whose Noise form is a cobra Crobat - Misery, from my character team Shiny...
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    New Trainer Classes

    THIS. *sighs* TA were based off of pirates with an environmental spin. TM's costumes were based off of demons. Also, they're more like crazed geologists, anyway. [/discussion] STREET MUSICIANS Elton and John would like to battle! STREET MUSICIAN Elton sent out CHINGLING! STREET MUSICIAN John...
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    Ash/Black: Thinking of names

    P-P-P-POKERSHIP P-P-POKERSHIP. *shot down*
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    Northern English/Scottish and other Accents in Pokemon

    Shard de berry! Shard de berry! It adds flavor.
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    Caption the screenshots!

    "See, shaving your eyebrows off is the next big thing in Evil Team Leaders! Thanks, Cyrus!"
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Gym Leaders?

    Gen I: Favorite: Koga, Giovanni, Blaine, Sabrina Least favorite: Misty Gen II: Favorite: Morty, Clair, Blue, Janine Least favorite: Whitney, Chuck Gen III: Favorite: Wattson, Flannery, Wallace, Norman Least favorite: Juan Gen IV: Favorite: Roark, Volkner, Byron, Fantina Least...
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    Caption the screenshots!

    Regigigas: I FUCKING LOVE YOU~ Giratina: RAAAPPPEEEEE! Giovanni:....uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum 'kay.
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    Pokeball, GO!

    First, I just watched that movie. I freakin' love it. Second; Linclon, whut. *looks warily at copy of Manhunt sitting beside her*
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    Caption the screenshots!

    May and Max: Things I cannot unsee...
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    Pokeball, GO!

    Sending out: "(Pokemon name), Don't fuck up!" or a dark chuckle. Winning: "Game, Set, Match." "Predictable." "Did you even try?" "Lovely distraction, there." "This was a triumph. I'm making a note here. HUGE. SUCCESS." Wild Pokemon Encounter: "Oh, hello there~" Fighting Trainer: "Don't press...
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    Why has Team Rocket never been given proper treatment?

    I'm going to say it. I'm getting sick of Team Rocket. Although I approve of having the Newly Redesigned Administrators, I think a little more of Team Rocket would ruin the anime. One of the main reasons the team is preferred over the other three is because of their extensive screentime...