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Recent content by Gengarzilla

  1. Gengarzilla

    Post your most recent saved image

    If you insist. Here's the endstate from one long (and heavily modded) playthrough of a WW2-era grand strategy warfare game I've been playing lately. I'm the big grey blob in the middle of Europe. Don't worry, my very first move was to throw out that taboo regime.
  2. Gengarzilla

    Favourite NFE Pokemon

    I usually don't go for the NFEs, but Magneton and Doublade have gotten me some particularly memorable battle wins. And the former didn't even have Eviolite!
  3. Gengarzilla


    Keep, it looks alright enough. Submission?
  4. Gengarzilla

    Team compositions

    I take type diversity to its total logical extreme. All six Pokémon dual-typed, with the Grass/Water/Fire, Dark/Psychic/Fighting, and Steel/Dragon/Fairy trios fully included, without type overlaps. If I can, I also like to squeeze in a Ghost type. Having options to fight off literally anything...
  5. Gengarzilla

    On the next episode of BulbaForums...

    Next week, BackSet clashes with FrontSet in a battle to determine the superior Set. Will this rivalry finally be Settled? Who will emerge Front and center, and who will lick their wounds Backstage? Stay tuned!
  6. Gengarzilla

    wrong answers to pokemon questions

    The Dowsing Rod, because it's really hard to find Pokémon in the waters of that place. Why does Rayquaza break the meteor in ORAS's Delta Episode?
  7. Gengarzilla

    Would you rather catch...

    Arceus. Weavile or Gliscor?
  8. Gengarzilla

    What DON'T You Want To See In Gen IX?

    An unchanged EL system transplanted from Legends Arceus. I don't care how much more intuitive and simplified ELs are than EVs, a stat investment mechanic with no global cap is something I will not tolerate. It needs significant tweaks if they want to keep ELs and my attendance. There's a damn...
  9. Gengarzilla

    Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet General Discussion

    I for one would rather have EVs and their hard cap of 510 over the unrestricted chaos of ELs, thank you very much. I do not want to watch stat investment mechanics in the main series regress to literal Gen 1-2 standards solely for the sake of keeping a more convenient system; that's a sacrifice...
  10. Gengarzilla

    Spoilers Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen VIII)

    You can. The soup can be used on any Gigantamax-capable species except Melmetal. It doesn't matter if they're exclusive to the other version.
  11. Gengarzilla

    Looker Sidequest or Delta Episode: Which did you enjoy the most?

    Looker sidequest by the longest of shots, which is surprising since I hadn't been particularly interested in the character before. The Delta Episode was thorougly not something I enjoyed for several reasons. I wasn't interested in Rayquaza or Deoxys, I don't like how the alternate dimensions...
  12. Gengarzilla

    Your controversial opinions

    Going off of the two ear-like protrusions on the top of its head, and the Japanese use of "dust" to mean trash, Trubbish could even be called a literal dust bunny. I for one find that an adorable concept idea and it makes me like this little trashy boi a lot more.
  13. Gengarzilla

    How would Squirtle perform in other regions?

    Shell Smash is one of those things that will just turn a Pokémon's whole entire life upside down should they get it. Look at Cloyster in competitive play; once just another bulky Water type, now very often an active sweeper aided by those Shell Smash boosts. That move instantly made Blastoise...
  14. Gengarzilla

    Pokemon you're Proud/Lucky to own

    Most of my planned party Pokémon could be this sort, because I extensively (perhaps obsessively) plot out what I'd like my finished team to look like. Once they're all set and I've begun using them enough, I'll find myself growing attached to them. Some of the biggest examples of that are my...
  15. Gengarzilla

    What Tier is your favorite Pokemon (Smogon)

    Gengar is one of those unfortunate creatures that's currently stuck in limbo. UUBL. Too good for UU but not quite at OU's increasingly powercrept standards. It really rankles my pear that Gengar gets "direct competition" from Dragapult, a Pokémon who should have been a physical attacker had Game...