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Jan 19, 2019 at 4:47 AM
Sep 1, 2010
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February 18
north of somewhere


Ghost maniac, from north of somewhere

GhostLucario was last seen:
Jan 19, 2019 at 4:47 AM
    1. winstein
      I have updated my Hidden Ability list to include certain remaining Pokemon that I have obtained, and those that I would like to request. Do you have any that are found in the updated list?
    2. Klavier Gavin
      Klavier Gavin
      Hey. I wanted to stay up, but I have to work tomorrow, so I think we might have to trade on another day.
    3. Klavier Gavin
      Klavier Gavin
      Hi. I'm online, so let me know if you can trade :3 My ingame name is 리즈
    4. Galgor
      Thanks you so much!!!
      1. GhostLucario
        No problem!
        Nov 2, 2016
    5. Galgor
      Hey, i'm online now if you're available to trade.
    6. White Crow
      White Crow
      My pleasure again :3
    7. White Crow
      White Crow
      Sorry my bad ;___; Online now!
    8. White Crow
      White Crow
      Is your FC right? :o I try to put it and it gives me an error
    9. White Crow
      White Crow
      Hey Luc >.< Sorry for the delay, will you be avalaible in 10 minutes?
    10. White Crow
      White Crow
      Is love ball dunsparce avalaible? >.<
    11. White Crow
      White Crow
      Yay thanks :D I will be ready tomorrow~ o/
    12. White Crow
      White Crow
      Hello c: There's what I'd like, let me know if it won't be too much trouble!
      I don't wanna ask for 9 since I see it as troublesome :o
    13. White Crow
      White Crow
      My pleasure :3
    14. White Crow
      White Crow
      Ugh my bad :/ I must have calculated it badly. So we have the same time.. That's weird, but makes things I guess.. If you are still around I can trade now, just vm me back to get online, as for the times to trade I can 8:00 to 8:30, 12:00 to 13:00 and 19:00 to 00:00. Does any of theses times are fit you?
    15. White Crow
      White Crow
      Suppy Luc :p Sorry for not messaging you sooner. If my time is right at the moment of this message it's 12:10 in your country. So will you avalaible today at 22 to trade?
    16. Dolce
      No I'm fine with the Seviper! :)
    17. Dolce
      And sorry that's all I have tons of extras of. xD
    18. Dolce
      Can I get my Dedenne please? My friend bred it for me.
    19. Dolce
      I'll be online then :)
    20. Dolce
      Take your time, I'll be around for an hour. :)
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  • About

    February 18
    north of somewhere
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation IV (DS)
    Favorite Generation 1 Pokémon:
    Gengar / Gangar
    Favorite Generation 2 Pokémon:
    Espeon / Eifie
    Favorite Generation 3 Pokémon:
    Milotic / Milokaross
    Favorite Generation 4 Pokémon:
    Favorite Generation 5 Pokémon:
    Hydreigon / Sazandora
    Favorite Generation 6 Pokémon:
    Aegislash / Gillgard
    Favorite Generation 7 Pokémon:
    Mimikyu / Mimikkyu
    Favorite Mega Evolution:
    Mega Gallade
    Favorite Alolan Form:
    Alolan Ninetales
    Favorite Region:
    Sinnoh / Shin'ō
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Ecruteak City Fog Badge
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    I live in a small town known as city of winds, surrounded by forests to the north and a desert to the south... I investigate the mysteries of life lol

    I like movies, reading, music, sports and videogames


    3DS FC
    2509- 1010- 6429
    follow me on tumblr
    Shiny Hunters
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