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  • Please do not attack my blogs. I did not gain my perception of reality from the non-fictional published forms of the media that you were speaking of.
    Math was good until calculus. Then it all went downhill. @_@

    Same here. You could spend a lifetime on it and still manage to only have a firm understanding of a bit of it, it seems.
    Philosophy sounds like it would be tricky. I have yet to take a philosophy class though, so that's not a very sound opinion. Do you find it to be challenging? (Obviously in a good way, since you have decided to major in it, but I'm wondering if it comes easily to you or if you put a lot of effort in to get your results, thus increasing the value in them for your job well done.)
    Least you seem to enjoy the freedom you have with it. =)

    's ok. xD
    I'm going to a community college nearby to get my basics out of the way. Cheaper that way since I'm still living at home. Figure it was a better bet than going off right away and spending the extra money. Once I figure out what I want to do and basics are out of the way, I can transfer to a more specialized school.
    Sounds nice~ I'm jealous. :S
    I cashier. It pays for things, but not really enjoyable for me. It's nice when they pay me to sit outside or to watch TV though. :D
    Sorry about the late reply. ^^;

    *looks* Evidently, the Bond movies left a big impression on the Japanese.
    Great quality in terms of both visuals, syncing and subject. :thumbup:

    Show needs moar Domino so she can be in more AMVs! >:O
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