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  • No thanks necessary, but you're welcome nonetheless~
    Sorry I didn't go into as much detail on each one as other posters. ^^; But those are the three main pairings with her I like.
    Thank you! And that doesn't matter, you're a great writer, so you have to be a great betaer by default. xD

    It was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be though. I'll send it over in a PM.
    Oh ho ho, quite the bold statement to make. ;O

    On an unrelated topic, I finally started that fanfic with Latias I mentioned to you months ago. I was going to ask if you wanted to beta it, but if you're busy with school and such that's totally cool. ^^;
    Ooooo interesting. I love Diamondshipping, but I can totally see Comandshipping working out.

    Nothing fanfic-wise, but I made a two-part TR relationship chart of my "Diamondshipping is currently happening" HC. It's clichéd, but eh, I had fun with it.
    Oh that. I completely get you. Can't believe I forgot some of those obvious things. xD

    On a unrelated topic, write any good TR fics lately?
    I think it fits dragons more stylistically, but otherwise, I'm not sure. I'm not well versed in Unovian myth, so I don't know if it has anymore meaning than that.

    As for the Tower Duo, it's a bit more fitting, if you think of Ho-oh as being the more emotional one and Lugia being the one who clams and brings peace, which fits with their typing. Other than that, I can't think of anything atm, but I'm a bit tired. How does Lugia balance Ho-oh's gift of rebirth/life?
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