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  • Your avy is awesome. Usually you see the yin-yang sign being associated with Reshiram and Zekrom nowadays, but it works for the Tower Duo too.
    ...wow man, that is a crazy cool dream. You need to get on a plane to this place called "Japan" (I heard that that is where they make Pokeman) and tell them of your dream. Maybe it would be put on the show, how cool would that be?!
    Hi would you mind if i befriend you?I know random and out of blue but i liked talking to you and you seem like nice person so i thought why not.

    Btw what are your thoughts about TR trio in BW if i may ask?I like they have been given important role becoming more treatening.
    Hi there! I was reading the "Japanese with subs or dub?" thread and found out you prefer the original voices for the dub. And I prefer the original voices too, therefore that makes you my friend. =)
    ~Happy New Year~

    Did you see that there's a Domino group now? I'm so happy. :D Same can be said for Giovanni showing up in Unova in the future.
    Aw man I hate those dreams, those and the falling ones D: My worst one was when I was 6 or 7 and being chased by a shaggy pink Mickey Mouse. It doesn't sound bad I know, but for me to remember how terrified I was of it must count for something.

    Ooooo let me know if you post it. Never been quite sure what to have her history be. Maybe she's the daughter of special agents and was born to help supply TR with elite agents? Or maybe she was an orphan that Gio found and took in? The possibilities are endless~

    Normally I take Diamond over Command, just because I see more romance being involved in the former, but Command I can definitely see happening in the physical sense.
    My idea: It popped into my head when I was chasing down Latias on HG. Basically it would be split into two sections, the first from Latias POV on how it feels being run ragged and caught like that. The second would be from the trainers POV on the matter of hunting legends. I need to search around though and see if it's been done already.

    Any plot bunnies running around in your head atm? I love TR fics, especially when they're about Rockets other than JJ&M (Love the TRio too, but you see them every episode. Need my other Rockets fix.)

    Also Persian avi!
    I haven't dabbled in writing fanfics in years. I do have an idea for a one-shot that has been floating around my head for the past few months, but it's probably already been done before.
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