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  • I'm sure she is a girl... although, now you say that, I'm not so sure. lol. I always presumed she was a girl, though.

    Sure. Although, I've asked around, and apparently there's no form of hack checking available for B/W yet. So you may be waiting a while.

    You should ask your friend to RNG something while you're present. And see what he does :p
    I'm not saying it is a hack for definate; but the story was originally that it was SR for and got after seven tries, but now the story is that he RNG'd it.

    RNG'd is perfectly legit if that is what he did; however, hacked, is clearly not.

    I don't need any form of refund if it is hacked, but thanks for the offer.

    FallenStar is a she. lol :p
    It's not dodgey unless it's hacked... which you say it isn't.

    I will be getting it hack checked at the first opportunity, though.
    Yeah, but this Tepig was not soft-reset for--the chance of getting a shiny starter by soft resetting, with near flawless IVs and a nature to match the IVs is so near to impossible it probably is impossible (without RNG). So, either it was RNG'd or it's hacked.

    It's IVs are 31/31/31/x/31/31 and it's nature is Jolly, so strangely the one IV it doesn't need is the one that isn't flawless; but all the other IVs are flawless.

    I'm not bothered if it was RNG'd, I just don't want hacked stuff >.< Can your friend RNG then? Because I don't buy the whole soft-resetting story.
    We should both try leaving and re-entering--it should work, then. :]
    Mine's in my sig. too. You don't need my Trainer name, though--it works with any name you input as long as the FC is correct. My trainer name is Reuban if you actually want it, though :3

    I'm just trading at the moment, but once I'm done I'll enter your FC :]
    I'll be available most of the day, so if you're around at any point, just let me know.
    Siege Tank Rush!!!

    But I can't really play against players except those really close by. Everytime it tries to connect to someone outside my city, it takes freaking forever.
    Sorry for my late reply! I could also breed a female Zorua. You could breed the Zorua with a Weavile with Dark Pulse then?
    Your Zorua is not ready, sorry. :( My study is time consuming and demanding. I don't have a Weavile with Dark Pulse, so I can't teach the Zorua Dark Pulse.
    I have a Weavile, but it doesn't know Dark Pulse. Sorry. ^_^' A Rash or Mild nature is possible though.

    When would you like to battle?

    Sure! ^_^ I'll breed you a Zorua! Which nature would you like?

    I'm using my HG team now, so my Black team is extremely underlevelled. ^_^'
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