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  • Aw, yeah I think that's the only way to transfer unfortunately. I'm hoping to get AS very soon! I've been earning some money off of old games I no longer have any use for, and I'm thinking I can probably get AS within a few weeks! So excited <3

    Ooh that's a tough question though! I think it's a tie between Silver and SS. Silver was my very first Pokemon game, so even though it isn't the funnest one, it's earned a special place in my heart haha. Unfortunately my internal battery ran dry on it though, so I can't play Silver anymore. But I enjoy playing SS, especially with the original gen 2 music playing ^.^
    I like them both too, and I do like the towel belt. Hard for me to choose actually.
    Thanks so much! ^.^ *high five!* LOL wow, three times! Sounds fun though. Do you transfer the Pokemon you used to different games or just delete the data and start the game again? I'm currently playing through my Platinum again for something new to do until I can get Alpha Sapphire... I can't wait! :D I got Emerald a long time ago, so I'm super excited to play the remakes ^.^

    Me too! I have to say, I think I like it more than her original designs... there's just something about the new hair bow that I love! <3 I think May is probably my favorite female protagonist :)
    Lol I'm not feeling the best either, so I'm just staying in too! But yes, more time for Pokemon! ^.^ I've found that the perfect time to EV train on the older gens is when I'm sick and have way more time on my hands than I need haha.

    BTW, I just love your profile pic! It's super cute!
    Hey there, welcome to bmgf, and welcome to the F&G forum, which has been unofficially nicknamed my home away from home. I'm pretty new here too, but I think I've carved my niche and found my place. This is a great place to hang out and talk Pokemon, or even just hang out and plunge things into chaos and disarray.

    People here are friendly, and if they're not, they get (En)zapped by the Moderators, but even so, I know that joining a new community can be difficult.

    Okay, good luck, and I hope you enjoy hanging out here!
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