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  • You know, if the fans have one reason to worship Adventure, it's surely for the maincast Digimon:
    Sometimes I feel as if the newer main cast Digimon always end in too many humanoids. I mean, the comparison is easy to see if you know what exactly I'm referring to (I don't mean simply bipedal designs like HKabuterimon and Vikemon):
    These are all just things I noticed really, and how I tend to feel on newer designs for Digimon.
    MegaKabuterimon WIP. I HATE the typical idea of palette swaps, so I changed some of the features of the blue one:
    Saw it from a screen, but I haven't really watched much of Xros Wars after the second episode to see how big it gets. Not sure why really after how excited I was over there being a 6th Season when it was announced. Maybe I just don't like the idea of Xros Evolution Digimon, even though it allows more variety to combination Digimon. Now the Shoutmon X series tended to make the best use of the idea, as well as Greymon's Xros forms as well. I don't know, but overall the Xros mechanic isn't as interesting as DNA Digivolution unless you combine several different Digimon instead of only a small amount. I honestly prefer the normal, DNA, and Armor digivolution mechanics more than I do the Xros mechanic though.
    My take on Gaiamon from Digimon World 3. No design ever existed for it since it was only mentioned as Galacticmon's ultimate plan. I figured that if Gaiamon ever was made it would be larger than a planet given Galacticmon's size. Except I ended up with a size that dwarfs every gas giant in the solar system combined.
    Pff, everyone could have the same Jintrix card as avatar and still look awesome. :3 It's still sort of easy to look unique here with a Digimon avatar, the assimilation is yet in progress...
    Haha! Well, I can't say I tried to be very unique (just grabbed some screenshot off the Internet) but still... xD
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