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Recent content by Gligar13

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    Beware of the Battle Analyser

    Because when everyone hacks/has an unfair advantage over you on Wi-Fi, people will start quitting. Look at IW CoDs, CoD4 had literally no hack protection, and with mods ported over from the PC, the Xbox version became known for having hackers running wild. Eventually the hackers found a way to...
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    Only for 3DS?

    While it's good their finally moving on, I was hoping they would at least improve on the graphics/engine somewhat to take advantage of the 3ds. Sadly I've seen better PSP and DS games.
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    Tea in the Garden

    I'm playing Solatorobo on my 3ds mostly for the circlepad controls...and that's it really.
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    Tea in the Garden

    Plus those scratches on the top screen too.
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    Tea in the Garden

    Not into those either so meh.
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    Tea in the Garden

    Meh, not into visual novels.
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    Tea in the Garden

    I haven't watched Anime in forever.
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    Tea in the Garden

    Not too into rhythm games or Vocaloid so yeah. I've seen PS All stars and wanted it on my Vita at least but I was just making sure it's good before blowing 40 bucks on it.
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    Tea in the Garden

    It was so bad it bombed in metacritic scores. Nice, how's PS all stars? And if the vitas region free (it prob is) what are the best imports?
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    Tea in the Garden

    Yep, just don't play Black Ops Declassified. I've seen DS games with better graphics....I'm not kidding.
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    B2/W2 Grievances and Disappointments

    For me, mainly the fact it felt like a rehash of BW1, which I found to be too easy/linear, and the fact they decided to make it on the aging DS, even though the 3ds is already out and making a new game on the 3ds would push tons of consoles.
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    Tea in the Garden

    Got a Vita for christmas. Also, solatorobo is a good game.
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    Ten years ago: Welcome back to Bulbagarden"

    Happy 10th. Even though I haven't posted here much due to lack of interest, I've been here (mostly) for 5 years now so yeah.
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    Tea in the Garden

    I've been here since 08 but I've barely posted as much in the last year.
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    Is Pokemon XD and Colosseum considered Spin off?

    Their in the console main series of battle sims, but relative to the handheld games their spin offs.