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  • Oh well crap xD I guess I'll just go with normal text, just like I see a lot of mafias use banners and I wanted one to make mine flashier.

    I'm good, I started a new term in school.
    Yo gliscor, how have you been? I was actually messaging to ask how you made your banner for All-Star mafia since I want to make a banner for mine xD
    I got on two minutes after you left after falling asleep :x

    Tomorrow's fine, I'll even turn on an alarm this time just in case (I thought about it last time but figured I wouldn't need it)
    GM! I'm a ranger again! So if you wanna continue your run, you just have to make the post in the run thread~ You do not have to if you don't want too though.
    We're round two. We can do it next week. I'm on summer break so I'm basically free, sleeping, or with friends at any given point. Sometimes more than one.
    We must battle for the tournament. Since our match is technically round two, I think we have two weeks, but Monbrey said we can do them as soon as we have an opponent.

    Let me know when works.
    Hey, if you still want to be added the TWR Skype chat, i'll need your Skype name. It's not on the list in Human's thread.
    It's okay, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and if I could do it.

    Do you play an intrument or act or something?
    So I hope you don't mind this, I understand you're busy but it's been a while and I just wanted to say that I'm going to be moving on in Heroes, we can just assume Tyler and Belle explained the situation to Wolf and such and that he trusts them if it's okay.
    I'm around pretty much all the time in the evenings. Barring any emergencies, the weekend should be good if Wednesday doesn't work for you. Do we have until Sunday night for the deadline of the round? If not then we should tell Smores as well. But I'm pretty much around all the time either on AIM or Skype, so whenever you can pop on will be good.
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