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  • I don't think so =\ I think things are just starting to go a little slower since it's late -- timezones and all that jazz.
    I agree with you over the blog stuff in your thread. I for the life of me cannot understand why we aren't allowed to delete our own blog entries. Ridiculous.
    oh thank god! I thought I made you angry or something! also, go to and search for "Mcain gets barrack rolled" its funny, trust me!
    okay,okay. sheesh. nobody, and I mean NOBODY that I can think of makes even 1 million dollars a year. heck not even a thousand. probably not even 100. and why would you want to be average? its really over-rated. trust me, I was there once. but now I SEEN THA LIGHT! ps, if there was a money tree, I'd have a laptop already. and a few games I can think of. and a ps3. and a mechanical suit of armor with a cannon arm. one last thing, to heck with McCain!
    no, no its ok. its usually a good thing to vent your problems to someone else. I've given you all the advice I can. and it seems the apple don't fall far from the tree. lol, before you take offence, I was just kidding.mabye you should talk to a therepist.
    reason she fell in love with him. and I have a picture of myself I can send to you to show your mom what fat is, cuz I know 100% what fat is, being an obeise american myself. seriously, I'm 13 and I wheigh 186 pounds. like I said, still a good life, even with my theme song being "I'm fat" by Weird Al Yankovich. seriously, look that song up ASAP because it is exactly like me. show your mom the good in life. for that, figure it out yourself. mabye go on a vacation. sell some stuff. thats why they made e-bay. make your mom have something to look forward to. and for the teeth, just brush, ok?
    suggest to my parents moving somewhere and starting new lives. (except online cuz glitchipedia and glitchipedia only is the voice of pikachu) I know none of us are any good at it, but try giving your mom a message once in a while. every time I do it for like, a second, she complaines that I stopped. so you can try it. I know the whole "new life" thing may be a bit much, so if you don't like it at least make some changes. try to re-kindle your moms love for your father, make her remember the
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