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  • I don't really know how someone could live in the middle of nowhere. and not that many people are home schooled, so I never thought about that. I honestly don't see how you can't loosen your schedule at least a little bit, take some time off from involuntary things and take a nap. Since everyone has a job, I don't see how there are economy problems. my mom doesn't have her job yet, and my "legal father" is in the Navy. and my life is pretty dang good. If I were you, I would
    well, I wouldn't really call once a week consistently. And my best friend lives next door, so he comes over whenever he feels like he wants to play with me. also, I'm not a total douche at school, so i I have some friends there. and from what I'm hearing, you need to loosen your schedule some, get someone in your family to get a job, and take your mom to church. I'm sorry if I sound in any way mean, but its all the advice I got. really is this friday. JUST KIDDING!!! lol, I freakin love fridays! I go to this skating rink every friday, and I think they put somthin in the soda, cuz me, my cousin, my friend, and those two girls all seemed drunk. yet, we're all 13.
    Hey, glitchy. Aint talked to you in a while. or anyone else for that matter....anyway, have you been keeping track of the original PokeLife thread? I updated the first post a little. Can I get you to post a "sorry, I'm all out" or something so it can get back to the front of the line? its really starting to drag behind. I think I might have you re-audition with the new script on page 2 just so I have something to do! ^_^
    Just a notification that my PMD fic is now on BG. The thread is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- アメリカの探査. Run the phrase through a translator if you need to know what it says.
    hey, im finnally on. my mom wouldn't let me get on since last time I saw you. I replied to that post that guy said on pokelife. you should check it, it'll make ya chuckle.
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