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Recent content by Glitchipedia

  1. Glitchipedia

    Thoughts on Pokemon fusion?

    I'd kind of like it if they reworked the Pokémon merge glitch from Generation I into an official game mechanic. Instead of an equal fusion, you'd have a "recipient" and "donor" Pokémon, with different benefits and drawbacks depending on which Pokémon fills which role (i.e. effects on stat...
  2. Glitchipedia

    Do you have any Pokemon Anime headcanons?

    The following headcanon ignores my previous timeline calculations in favor of more accurate theories posited by others. The armor Giovanni forced Mewtwo to wear not only suppressed/focused its powers, but also monitored/analyzed its physiological makeup and capabilities, essentially...
  3. Glitchipedia

    What are your game headcanons?

    The Weather Institute was probably founded in part to pinpoint serious disruptions in the natural weather patterns so Pokémon can be dispatched to counter them.
  4. Glitchipedia

    Digital Odyssey (A Digimon RP) (2/10) OPEN!

    Thanks! :D
  5. Glitchipedia

    Digital Odyssey (A Digimon RP) (2/10) OPEN!

    *Tamer* Name: Shinichiro "Zip" Takahashi Gender: Male Age: 16 Nationality: Japanese Physical Appearance: Zip stands approximately 5' 7" with big, spiky forest green hair, fair skin, and dark eyes. Over his skinny physique, he wears a layered pair of tank tops (violet on top, white underneath)...
  6. Glitchipedia

    Favorite Pokeball Throw Phrase

    Out of all the options given, I have to go with "I choose you!" At this point, I'd say it's almost as iconic as the slogan "Gotta catch 'em all!"
  7. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    The author of the above-linked analysis cites original Japanese dialogue, occasions where the sunrise/sunset times can be discerned, and other visual and contextual clues. If I ever find myself in a position where I can check it myself, I'll be sure to do so and attempt to verify the claims.
  8. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    According to this analysis (which admittedly comes with its own flaws, but it's the best I can find without spending a boatload of money I don't have on DVDs), the Hoenn arc occurs from the summer to around late autumn or early winter. The Battle Frontier, meanwhile, appears to extend from one...
  9. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    That wouldn't be necessary at all. The seasonal progression seems to suggest: Kanto: About a year and three months Orange Islands: About two months Johto: About nine months Hoenn: About nine-to-ten and a half months Battle Frontier: About a year, give or take a month and a half Sinnoh: About...
  10. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    Well, then it's a darn lucky coincidence. :ROFLMAO: Lucky for fanfic writers, if no one else.
  11. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    Well, I've done some more reading online, and apparently there is a fairly consistent seasonal cycle throughout the show if you pay attention, which also renders a few of my previous calculations inaccurate. From Indigo League through XY&Z, a total of 7.25 seasonal cycles can be...
  12. Glitchipedia

    Flow of Time in the Anime

    I've already posted my own theory in the anime headcanons thread. As you can see, it's imperfect and incomplete. I do intend to conduct further research down the line to fully incorporate the movies, specials, and later seasons if at all possible.
  13. Glitchipedia

    What are your game headcanons?

    I'm going to start with an analysis of some stuff in the anime, but I promise it ends up relevant to the games, so just follow me for a minute. According to Giselle's claims in EP009 of the anime, Ash's Pikachu should be at least level 25 after two months of training. Pikachu is in the Medium...
  14. Glitchipedia

    Do you still play the Pokemon games?

    I stopped playing during Generation V. I just got tired of level grinding. Besides, I really can't afford to keep buying the games anymore. But that doesn't mean I've lost interest in the slightest—I still like reading about the newest games and expanding my overall knowledge of the Pokémon world.
  15. Glitchipedia

    Preview JN018: Satoshi Participates! The Pokémon World Championships!!

    It'd be hilarious if Surge showed up at the very end of the episode, announcing his arrival with genuine applause as he reveals he got back just in time to watch the climax of the battle. But I have no idea if the writers are actually clever enough to try and throw us off like that.