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  • Ah, I see! ^u^ And the FatherlyShipping group? (I think that's the only group I've ever made.) I deleted it. *shame* I don't frequent da anymore :/ And I thought it would be better for another person to run the group too. I was really immature and young (Well I'm still young I guess, hehe) back then. :p
    Oh, hiya! I'm sorry I never responded to you, I just kind of disappeared. So, how are you? (Wow this must be awkward. Oh! A notification! Huh? Her? I thought she died)
    Yeah I know :D
    Sorry for the really late reply, this site doesn't work on my dsi :/
    Yeah just finished watching the latest episode.
    Got a pic that could possibly be N's Castle :D
    agreed, the ending was beautiful. it was really bittersweet (Homura crying over Madoka is so heartbreaking gahh ;__;) but as a whole it was just a really good ending and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. and yeah, I really liked how people like Anne Frank were magical girls, that was just a really interesting touch.

    I probably will watch it at some point; problem is I have such a big list of anime I want to watch and I never get around to it XD but Evangelion will go on the list, because it does sound really good.

    yeah contract or not seeing that movie is definitely a must. the closest showing for me was in New York City (I'm like 40 minutes away) but I never got a chance to go in and see it and I'm so mad at myself because of it XD but yeah they are making a third one and it sounds like it's going to be amazing, since it's supposed to take place after the anime, it's not just a retelling of it. hopefully we'll be able to see that one!
    gahhh I know. I thought it would be more like Sailor Moon D:
    but yeah, it was really great the way it was, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much if it were more innocent. (I've never watched Evangelion; I've been meaning to check it out though. it looks like it would go really well with Madoka!)

    ;___; *hugs back* yes please idk if making a contract would be worth it but I want to see that movie damn it
    yeahhh I thought it was gonna be this cute little show about magical girls and their animal-ish companion hahaha nope ;___;

    ahhhhh that sucks D: I wanted to see the movie but I never got a chance so I feel your pain
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