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    Hope you find some lepracauns(spellfail xD) andeat a donut or something x))

    (And I'm super sorry I still haven't responded ; 0 ;)
    Sorry I've been trying but some annoying-*ss people want to be nosy bums >.<
    I've currently rewritten the begginning of my message like 6 times> 3 <
    Again really REALLY sorry. Gawd I'm terrible ; __ ; Dx
    Guess what? The forums are back up and better than ever, under new leadership of Thunderbolt Networks. Plus, no-one has to re-create everything that was already on the new forums, so you can easily resume on your thread importings… ^^;

    EDIT: You can email the admin if something's wrong at [email protected] ;) ('Kanrisha' is Japanese for admin - I wanted to be original :D)
    Don't worry. You didn't. :D
    I know, right? It's just so... Sad!
    Yeah, same here!
    I think I remember that. By the way, do you like Ed in Brotherhood? I liked him in the original, but not in Brotherhood... I felt like he had a different personality or something.:sweatlol:
    In the manga. :)
    Oh my gosh! Same here! XD He didn't seem as wishy washy in the beginning. I still thought he was okay though. Kind of a pathetic shinobi though.:XD:
    Thank you for the friend request @[email protected]

    Gaaah, I am so bad at answering vms XD

    Luckily, we're all shut ins at our house, my parents aren't exactly the most social outgoing people in the world either, and my dad is a total nerd XD (on other things, like magic, psychology, the occult, finance, happiness philosophy, hypnotism...normal things! :D)

    Wait, is diamond STILL going on? o_0 That's kinda crazy...but I don't mind if DP and BW aren't connected THAT much, since in the games it's kinda hinted that it's in the future. I just love seeing old characters every once in a while, ya know?

    NO!! I don't know where and it's killing me Dx It looks like they ACTUALLY HAD PUBERTY and grew taller and dsasfjdjh Silver's hair!! XD All I've seen are scanalations on the wiki :(

    Yes, when I had a shared computer, I would be sure to wipe my history after every "expedition" XD Now I have roomates, which makes things a bit awkward too >_>;

    YES!!! I haven't even watched the series and I love them sooo much <3
    Save Our Voice Actors - live streaming video powered by Livestream

    Come join us at the livestream to watch Pokemon. We've already watched the first three episodes so today we're watching 4 - 6. It'll be good for the group to expand. There, you'll get to meet our leader. :)
    Well I'm able to quickly post on thee Advanceshipping forums using my phone, since they don't have to be that long, but our PMs/VMs are like super MEGA long xDD. I mean, with the computer it takes me like 45min or something to type it all(plus I get easily distracted) xDD
    And LOLOLOLOL you could NEVER be too creepy(unless youre like an old 50 year old man who talks to himself o.o"") Quite honestly, I wish there were more people here that act super awesome AND lurve Advanceshipping oh so much :33
    Well I can't say much on if it's going better. The day after that thing happened my dad had to leave for school. So I guess it may seem okay, but there's just that feeling I get where I feel as if something's missing. Like some sort of reassurance?? Idk I'm just confused is all (not to mention my explanation is confusing as well lolz)
    And same for you too, you can always vent to me about stuff :3
    Lol thanks, although I highly doubt my project will get into the district's :/ My idea is really stupid xDDDD
    And WHHATEVVUUUURR!!!! Like the latest I've had a reply from you was like, a day or something xDDDDD
    GAH!!!! Okay super super UBER sorry ; 0 ; I should've sent this so SO much earlier >____<
    I feel terrible D: for not giving you a response TT____TT
    Anyhow I'm fine really, just some family issues with a scoop full of confusion here :/

    But anyways I read your PM, I just haven't gotten the chance to type it >_< Sorry I've been super busy but I promise that I should be able to respond once I get my science fair project done (school took over and delayed me from important matters like Advanceshipping ;))))). And that's around Sunday/Monday-ish hopefully

    Again super duper sorry!!!! I must be a terrible person for responding so late DDDD:
    See, everything is stored in one type or another of database nowadays; sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, many major e-mail services, all message boards of any software brand, and also all wiki websites using MediaWiki (that includes Wikipedia, Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, WikiLeaks, and not to mention the rest of the Wikimedia foundation, plus MediaWiki's own support wiki) all use databases to store information. Now, the only possible way to access and "query" (make changes) to any database is to use PHP.

    You don't know how eager I am in wanting to use a MySQL database :bawl:

    Also, as far as classes go, I'm sorta picky about learning it on my own, and if I do any kind of class, it's almost always a short how-to blog post on a specific problem I have ATM (i.e. I usually look up one specific thing at a time). Yep.

    Well, I'm sorry to have to cut this short, but it's going on midnight at my UTC-5 location (nope, not in Greece - I'm not old enough to pay tax anyway :drool:), and I'm wanting to go to bed (it seems my mother's only getting me up at the normal time (7:30 to 9:00) when there's school, so I don't know how my sleep schedule's gonna get straightened out if I sleep in 18% of the week's days :-/.
    At my rate, I think learning The "HyperText Preprocessor" language (PHP) will be similar to learning Japanese for me :drool:

    But PHP is kinda for special web works, while it still uses HTML for things like text style, images, and linking etc. :ksmile:
    Au contrare, I am very experienced in HTML 3.2, HTML 4, and XHTML — My big roadblock is PHP, a completely different and advanced web language that I have no clue about. The reason PHP is such a problem is that the forums use it as it's primary language (that and SQL, its database software) :-/.
    I had some big time unfixable errors with the forum, such as signature code not parsing, youtube BBCode screwing up the display of all posts, and the glitch preventing any new posts from showing up on the main page — All impossible to fix as far as I was able. Did you read the reason at the CC4 archive?
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