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  • Nope. It runs in the family XD My sister squees too, but at different things >.> (usually related to her precious DC comics...) Nooo, don't skip it! I love Yellow, and Red and Green grow up to be HAWT *_* Enjoy them now when they're still squishy and cute XDDD I stopped reading after the Diamond arc though...I suppose the characters were getting to old for them to be continuous anymore, but I still miss the old cast :(

    If I ever replay it again, Imma definitely do that XD Well when you put it that way, it sounds a bit pathe--I MEAN, YES!! DEFINITELY!!! *q*

    Starshipping!!? Aww, that is really cuuute XD I usually use Pixiv, but you can't hotlink to their pics and you can only see them close up if you have an account. Plus, I never bookmark them, just plop them on my harddrive (which is overflowing with yaoi a lot of pictures already...need to do some housekeeping in there)
    Well, it's official—we've moved! I hope you'll take the time to re-register, and utilize all that the new forum has to offer.

    Oh, geez. I'll cry when I read it.:sweatlol: I've only seen the last episode once, because every time I get tears in my eyes. :-(
    Thank you for not spoiling anything! I enjoy spoilers but not for the end of a series. XD
    Yeah, it was 64 episodes, but somehow it still felt rushed! Have you see the ending yet? I'm just curious on what your opinion of it was.
    True. Time passes too fast!
    It's a good series, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to watch it.:sweatlol: You should still try it though! XD
    I do have ONE question about the ending of Nabari No Ou though. Does Tobari die?
    no,it's alright

    lol (le joins tumblr)
    (sees next line of message)(le nevermind sign up) =3
    (why do we put TROLOLOL after every message again? xD)
    I slept in so I missed school XD

    My friends are annoying too, but it's a human trait, but as long as I don't hit them I'm fine

    And chur face is back XD
    The second he had his surprised face on, all emotions escaped from me. I was in a blissful state of FANDOM CREYZ and SHIPPING CREYZ.
    Oh gosh I fangirl squeal all the time and my parents think I'm crazy for it XD But I watched the ending in the japanese version when everyone was asleep, so I had to TRY to restrain myself (didn't work too well, parents still wondered what the fuck was happening).


    They are!! Do you read the manga? I love their interactions sooooo much~ Especially what Gold did/said in the Emerald arc (don't wanna spoil in case you didn't read). HAHAH, I saved the game beforehand because I knew the scene was gonna happen and restarted over and over! definitely not pathetic, nope

    jdhf HOT! I'm pretty sure Riley x Steven x Volkner is a very popular shipping, especially in the japanese version XD I love Riley x Byron too!! He's so uke >< and if they hung out together a lot when roark was a kid, well, it kinda explains why he is what he is...a total bish

    AAAH, so cute!!

    And yeeeesss! I totally support Yusei/Jaden XDDD HE RODE HIS MOTORCYCLE!!! and their personalities are totally matching~ But my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh ships of all time are Jaden/Chazz, Yami-Yugi/Yugi and Yami-Bakura/Bakura (...I like selfcest in the original series, so sue me!!)

    And if I can find my hard drive connector, I would share fanart too ;_;
    I have to go tomorrow too *sad face*

    Oh well, I get to see my friends so it's all good
    No problem, I hate explaining things so screenies work great.

    I'm sick... but good, and yourself?
    And then more came out once I realized the chances of him appearing on the show again are...slimmer than an anorexic model T_T

    somehow, I knew you would like some of those :D Preciousmetalshipping is my third favorite after Coma and Cafemocha ^^ It was sealed when Silver undressed Gold at the Rocket Headquarters. I guess he has to try to be seme SOMEtimes XDDD

    Ooh, which ones did you invent? :O I rival ship yaoi in most the anime I watch XDD (NaruSasu ranks highly on my list).

    And trust me, there are plenty of YaoiGardeners around here XD But pleasure being the first! :DDD
    I took screenies, so I can show you what to do XD

    Okay first, click the customize profile button on your profile.

    The open up another tab and look for a particular image. Mine was abstract fire. I found the image I wanted, so I copied the url.

    Now for the screenies. (I used Mangafox because it's easier for me to see what I'm doing and the forums are the same)

    I hope this helped D:

    btw, glad you like the sig XD
    Did you cry manly tears at DP188? ;_;

    Yaoi litmus test time!!!
    Which of these do you support?
    1. Cafemochashipping, 2. Isshushipping, 3. Coldcoffeeshipping, 4. Palletshipping, 5. Originalshipping, 6. Preciousmetalshipping
    (or any other ones, these are just some of my favorites XD)
    *drums Fingers on desk*


    Crimson Darkness, Crimson Darkness, does that name ring a bell Haruka?
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