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  • Haha, aww! XD YOU CAN BE A POKEMON MASTER AGAIN. You just gotta have the power of love/friendship/magic on your siiiide. But that makes sense! ;D If you left at GSC, then it makes sense to pick up at the remakes again. I'm really excited for 'em. <3 It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun to play. I can't play my old GSC games because they all lose their data after a little while, sigh.
    LOL, POKERFACE. XD Haha, that made me laugh, wow. But I think it's supposed to resemble bagpipes or... something. It's pokémon species is all about sound. The one before it is kinda like a stereo.

    Oh, you haven't played DPP yet? o: They really are good games, but if you don't have a DS, I understand. I didn't play Ruby/Sapphire forever, and I'm still kind of out of the loop on the generation. It's like I never caught up. XD
    Haha, oh, gotcha! XD Yes, I could totally see that. He definitely has weird eyes. And the tails are strange, too, don't'chya think? But when it comes to creepy pokémon, Exploud takes the CAKE. D:
    Gary having an Electivire? Why d'you say that? At first I felt like the anime had him have it just so Ash could see a Sinnoh region pokémon, but Electivire seems to help in Gary's research a lot! At least, Gary had him around the for Shieldon fiasco. After a while, Electivire's grown on me, I guess. :D
    Haha, I love your avatar and picture! <3 Are you a Gary fan? Just felt like asking.

    And welcome to Bulbagarden, by the way!
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