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  • As for overall plot, it would mainly consist of the Mane 6 reacting to the highly combatitive world of Pokémon, with Twilight possibly tasked to chronicle whatever knowledge she finds about this world. Oh, magic is still present in this world.

    Yeah, Zap Apple would be a better choice, and Crystal Berries would be a good choice for Trixie, as the Arms could give her some needed defense. As for Blueblood... How about a Kiwano?
    Rainbow Dash sounds like she could be a Pokéathon performer-slash-normal Pokémon trainer, with Applejack being a Berry Grower/Grass-type Trainer. Spike would be Twilight's field assistant, and Pinkie could be a Baker/Chef.

    Nah. "Incredible Ryoma" killed its chances. How about a pepper? It could give him fire abilities.
    Nothing ironic with that. That sounds like an occupation Fluttershy would probably be in, since direct combat is not her thing.

    Yeah, sounds like a good idea.
    It is a natural convergence, and since Arceus will be the one to first inform the Mane 6 and the rulers, the convergence would have already started, since his domain was the first to be moved.
    Sorta both. All who were informed of the convergence will retain their memories while those ignorant of the event will have certain memories rewritten, but I was thinking of making humans fuse with any species that are either of the equine family or who can sire foals with them.

    So basically making them like the Equestrian Girls sub-universe, if only in appearances. Also, Spike will not be forced in a pet-like state of existence.
    Hence why I suggested that.

    It does, yeah. In this RP, it would be a timeline where the Pokémon universe and the Equus universe undergo a natural and unavoidable cosmic convergence, with Arceus and Cosmica arriving to the palace when the Mane 6 & Spike to tell the news.
    Sounds good to me! Perhaps the stay in Equus for Takeru doesn't get subtracted from his 99 Day limit unlife.

    In other news, I got the urge to make a MLP/Pokémon xover
    It would, yeah?

    I got Friendship + Loyalty = Reliability.

    Will the resulting suits look like a mix between the girls' Phantom Forms a la Type Dead Heat? Also, please tell me that Laughter + Generosity still equals Consolation. Otherwise, we'd be here for weeks.
    Yeah, that sounds good. How are we going to do this?

    That sounds completely in-character for Chrysalis, as well as for Samus.
    That sounds like a good idea, the new thread and their last battle as Kamen Rider Harmony.

    But against what?
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