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Recent content by GoldeenTail

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    Spoilers XY Travelog!

    My starters are in their final evos (female greninja and male charizard), and I can't name the rest of my team off the top of my head since I'm so bad with pokemon names from newer gens. I'm in the top part of lumiose city and I see clemont and now I want to throw my copy of the game and my 3ds...
  2. G

    Your Player's Nickname

    My nickname is "Lady G straight from the hood" (just "Lady G" in-game)
  3. G

    Pokémon-amie: new bonding feature

    Re: pokemon amie-the new bonding feature wow pokemon-amie wow real cool you pet the pokemon and then they do the cute things wow you PET the pokemon (expect slagma haha loser) and you feed the pokemon too and you play games with them but WOW you pet the pokemon.
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    Did you ever use the special balls? (Heal balls, Luxuray Balls...etc etc...)

    I use Dive Balls whenever I catch water type via fishing/surfing, and dark balls in caves, timer balls for legendaries and quick balls for roaming pokemon.
  5. G

    What video games are you playing now?

    Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
  6. G

    Poll: What will 2013 have in store for Pokemon

    Probably mostly side-games, new series and/or continuing previous ones. I don't expect anything big until 2014.
  7. G

    Do you want to battle the professors?

    I just don't care whether or not you battle them. It would be ok if you could see what teams they would use though.
  8. G

    VG Weekly Poll #54 Have you used a player character of the opposite gender?

    I played Red once in a run of LG, and Lucas in Pl, also Ethan in an 80% finished run of SS.
  9. G

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Call It What You Want - Foster The People
  10. G

    A Female Villain Boss?

    A female villain would be nice if she had a good character and actually do bad things and isn't just played for sex appeal.
  11. G

    New Game Freak game with Pokémon cameo announced: Japanese Pokémon Black and White ba

    Re: New Game Freak game with Pokémon cameo announced: Japanese Pokémon Black and Whit This games looks kinda cute! Actually took me a while to recognize the pokemon in the background.
  12. G

    Which generation looks the best?

    Yeah I'm pretty much talking about the baby pokemon, love them.
  13. G

    What did you do to the eggs given by NPCs in game?

    Hatched all the eggs from gen III-V expect for primo's. If I actually raised all of them idrc.
  14. G

    Have you ever ditched your Starter?

    Not really. I have some teams that don't include my starter, but I always train them to high, desirable level regardless.
  15. G

    THE Toughest Choice

    Grass-types because they learn more status inflicting moves, and ones that can snatch health from opponents.