• Snowy sets out into the Wild Area and encounters a giant Pokemon lurking in a den. Watch here as Snowy goes head to head with the massive Pokemon.
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  • Lol, the best part of it all is Seungri's reaction to it all. He just starts dying. xD
    Maybe, but I dunno. xDD Rofl, the Secret Garden parody is just my favorite thing ever. xDDD
    Yeah, I don't get it either, but it really makes me laugh. xD I watched Big Bang's parody of Coffee Prince. At least I think they did a parody of that. xDDD
    There's apparently some meme that involves JYP in the K-pop fandom and I just think it's hilarious for some reason. xD I have watched 2: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Scent of a Woman. I have been planning to watch more. :p
    Gee was my first as well. xD 4Minute had like... my 3rd discovered K-pop song. I've heard of BEG, but I haven't found any songs by them I like. :p And JYP as well. XD
    Haha, I love that song, it gets stuck in my head. xD Same here, although Sorry, Sorry came a little later for me. Lollipop was literally the second K-pop song I discovered. xD
    Yeah! :D It's funny, because Big Bang and 2NE1 were the next two groups I discovered. xD They really are. Anyone associated with K-pop in general seem to be big goofballs. xD Wanna B. :3
    Yeah, I'm more SM Town, but I do appreciate YG. SNSD was my first K-pop group, so I'm biased xD Henry is cute~ :D I've been meaning to listen to Trouble Maker and Jay Park too. I only like one song by Block B, but they seem cool. xD Amber is my f(x) bias, she's just awesome. And Krystal is very pretty. :3
    is in my Skype contacts with "goldenrodgirl" e-mail address. I chatted but you never responded o3o
    Aside from the aforementioned Big Bang and EXO, I am a fan of SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, f(x), Leehi (Who is a solo artist, but eh. xD), and 2NE1. I also like Infinite and the Bangtan Boys, but I don't really listen to their music and only recognize a few members. And also TVXQ. :p
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