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    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    I don't have high hopes the the comedy-driven SM doing anything that significant with their characters BUT they may surprise me yet. I admittedly haven't been keeping up with episodes for a bit now but I'll probably be checking these out.
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    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    Well I understand people like the SM series and that's fine; to each their own and we all have different tastes. But I was specifically talking about character designs there moreso. Even though I don't care for the SM series I understand its positive points, but the character designs aren't one...
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    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    I think it's fair to worry about anything from previous series being contaminated by what SM has done to the franchise. Their designs are already bad enough.
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    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    I wouldn't be surprised it they completely retconned his career as a doctor and just put him back as a gym leader at this point.
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    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    Misty and Brock have never looked so bad in their lives. I'm positive other previous heroines will appear at some point and get the equal horrible S&M designs as well.
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    Was XY really that bad?

    I for one enjoyed X&Y far more than Black & White and the Unova region in general, but that's just me. Looking back on it now I can see why people wanted more out of gen 6. I fell off the franchise for gen 4 and 5 and didn't play Black until after ORAS and XY but felt while the story in BW was...
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    Spoilers What are your feelings on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

    All gameplay and little to no story is what got me bored of this franchise in the first place causing me to fall off for two gens. Gen 6 and 7 got me interested again so I for one appreciate heavy story. I can understand having periods with just game play a bit more I suppose, but I think it's...
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    Preview M20: I Choose You!

    Yes beauty is subjective. I always found May, Serena, and Dawn cuter than Misty for example. But it all depends on the person and what their personal tastes are. Nothing wrong with feeling either way here. For me, though, personality plays a big role, so I won't judge the new characters, male or...
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    Which series was the worst one?

    Hmm, my general experience dealing with other fanbases has been pretty negative so I tend to try to avoid them more often. Hopefully those sort of things you described happens less around here.
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    Controversial opinions

    Episodes that focus 100% on Ash by himself are the most boring in the series.
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    Which series was the worst one?

    If the opinions of others bother you so much, you shouldn't bother interacting with the fanbase at all. Like it or hate it, there's a reason many people prefer XY over what we're getting for SM, and I think those opinions shouldn't be ignored even if you don't agree with them. Likewise there's a...
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    Which series was the worst one?

    In three years someone needs to make a new thread with SM as an option. Also you shouldn't let your interactions with fans affect how you objectively judge a series' quality.
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    Review SM030: Lilie, Take Good Care of Pikachu

    Having one line stating such in the episode is not equal to actual character progression if it's not really focused on or shown.
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    What do you think of Sun and Moon so far?

    In my eyes Pokemon is always an adventure/battle genre before anything else, just like the games the anime is based off of. The biggest mistake with S&M's anime is taking an excellent adventure story from the games and turning it into 30 plus episodes of Ash sitting around scratching his butt...
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    Preview SM029: Are You Going to Have a Nap-masyu in the Nemasyu Forest Too?

    X&Y may not have adapted every game event exactly the same but it sure as heck felt like a proper nod to the game compared to what we're getting right now. I can't speak for Diamond & Pearl or Best Wishes because I didn't actively watch the anime at all during those runs.