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    TEEN: Take My Advice (Anime-verse, Ash and Brock friendship)

    This was a really cute story it made me smile. :)
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    Kadabra -> Alakazam. Please help!

    I can help you do that and you can help my evolve my slowpoke :) I will PM you my info
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    If Guzma had been the main villain...

    In franchise were we have had several Males main villains but like zero female head villains it is kind of is. Would it be better if or first and let's be frank probably last female head Villain wasn't a stereotypical twist villain , maybe. But at last beggars can't be choosers. I thought it...
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    If Guzma had been the main villain...

    You may be right but I rather have my first lead female villain , than a charecter that defies expectations.
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    Let's get the TRio more screentime in PM!

    Those forced to work together episodes are my drug man. I do need more of thoose.
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    All Purpose Trade Services! (Gen VI - VII)

    I would like a trade back to my Moon Slowpoke to a Slowking. Pokemon Game Name : Keirsten Pokemon Game ID No. : 942988 Nintendo ID Name : Carebear Nintendo Friend code: 1779-2054-3984 Pokémon available for Trade Sableye Level 32 Nickname : Jewel Gender: Female Nature:Careful Nickname : Sab...
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    Spoilers Best Main Pokemon Game of the 3DS Era?

    It seems I am one of the few people who enjoyed the 3-ds generation of Pokémon games. I didn't vote cause was no love them all equally option.
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    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    It 's a bug ninja what not to love. Plus when you get it through leveling up Nicada you get an extra Pokémon if you have spot in your party. Very cool Trubbish
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    hardenshipping thread (archie x maxie)

    Yes some one finally started a Hardenshipping thread around here.
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    GEN VII: Looking for Marshadow

    Do you have a king's rock you would be willing to part with or access to one.? , I am getting a Marshadow code later in the day you can have it if you do.
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    GEN VII: LF:King Rock FT: Event Salazzle code

    I have a shiny Wurmple nicknamed shiny I would be willing to part with and renickname. But I will have to transfer it. I might have some others but I can't rember any of them right now. Are you sure you don't want the salazzle if I give it you might be able to trade to some else for something...
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    GEN VII: LF:King Rock FT: Event Salazzle code

    I really need a King Rock to evolve my slowpoke to a Slowking. I have an Extra Salazzle code to give in exchange for it. Update: I also now have an NA Marshadow code also for trade.
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    Have you ever been embarrased being a Pokemon and/or anime fan?

    To answer you're question no I have never and never will be ashamed to be a Pokémon fan largely because I have no shame. Although I am ashamed I used be a Gen wunner.
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    If Guzma had been the main villain...

    I would have been Okay with it but there would always be that Voice in my head that would be saying Guzma was great and everything but why couldn't we have had Female lead Villain for once.
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    GEN VII: Have a King Rock? exanchange it for cool Pokemon and cool Items

    I am looking for a King's rock and and willing give someone a Pokémon and and item. Friend code: 1779-2054-3984 Nintendo Nickname: Carebear Pokémon Moon name : Keirsten Choice of Items to give you Strange souvenir Festival Ticket Heart scale Big Pearl Big Nugget Oval stone. Rare candy Rare...