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  • Yeah, it's raining here now...let's do this tommorow; it's supposed to be nice here :3 we WILL get this done!!
    I'll go talk to my parents now; there's a place 4 minutes away that I can go to that'll probably work...hold on :D
    Don't worry, we WILL get this done :3 and since you have to wait so long, I will give you my Female Houndoom (level 30) you helped me a bunch with the wifi stuff :3

    Next time I VM you, I'll say when I can!!! Bye for now :3
    There are a couple places near me, but I dunno if I can go to one of them right now....maybe tommorow :3

    I can't beleive how screwed up my wifi is :/
    I'm so close!!!! It was a perfect signal....then Poof!! Looked up Error code 52003....I don't have any security on my computer...now I have to change my router's IP :p
    Okay, there's a window (that won't go away) that says "Setup Complete" bu then another window came up, asking if I should run the same thing again. My dad says I shouldn't but what do you think??
    With the space between "ipconfig" and "all"? Cause when I did that, all this "Local Area Connection 6" and "7" came up....is that right??
    Well, it was all going great....until I plugged in the Wifi USB connector. It's on the loading pop-up thing that says "Downloading Friend Application" when another pop-up says "Friend application error ((6)." and then it stops.
    Oh shoot. It says (for the next step) to click on Setup.exe

    There's two of them...one with 372 KB (listed as Application) and another with 1 KB (listed as Configuration Setup)
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