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Recent content by Granis

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    Battle Request Thread

    Hello! I'm Always looking for someone to have Sun/Moon Wi-Fi Battles with! If you're interested, drop a PM and we can schedule a time for a battle!
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    Roleplaying Section's General Chat Thread: a thread for...chatting.

    Hi there, I'm looking to RP Pokemon with somebody, but I don't think I can get together enough people for an RP thread here, and I feel ifffy joining an existing thread because I'm nervous about joining big RP groups and prefer something simpler like a one on one, so I've come to the discussion...
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    GEN VI: Any Cacnea/Cacturne? Also maybe Ferroseed?

    I'm deperately seeking either to trade for a Cacnea or a Cacturne, or at least find someone with them in Friend Safaris, I dunno what my Friend Safari is and what can offer in ruturn but I can try my best. I can breed Froakies and Chespins for you, as well as Squirtles. I'm also looking...
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    The Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread

    Hmm, unfortunately it doesn't look like Hawlucha learns Brave Bird via Egg Move, Would Flying Press be a good move to use?
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    The Official "Rate my One Pokemon" Thread

    How would this be for a Hawlucha set? Hawlucha Item: Life Orb EVs: 252 speed/ 252 Attack / 4 HP Nature: Jolly -Bulk Up -Hi-Jump Kick -Acrobatics -Baton Pass Idea is to set up with bulk up and pass boosts to something when someone switches into Aegislash or something, Hi-jump Kick and...
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    Team Advice Thread

    So after recently beating the game, I've been bredding and stuff to get a competitive Wi-Fi team together, but I'm a little stuck on choosing a 6th Pokemon, here's what I had in mind for the other 5. Aegislash @ Leftovers Ability: Stance Change EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef Adamant...
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    GEN VI: Looking for Dittos with specific natures

    Hi there! While I've caught a lot of Ditto, I'm getting kind of frustrated because I am having a hard time getting ones with an Adamant, Calm or Timid nature. I would be looking for any Dittos with those 3 natures to round out my ditto collection with coverage of those good natures. I don't...
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    Looking Forward: Three on Three: Outlook and speculation from a life long die-hard

    Re: Looking Forward: Three on Three: Outlook and speculation from a life long die-har 3-on-3 battles seem like a cool idea, I hope it turns out well.
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    New Pokémon Discussion

    Re: Gen V Starter Discussion I honestly don't know which Starter I like best. Probably Smugleaf.
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    False copyright claims suspend Chuggaaconroy, others from YouTube: Bulbagarden, affil

    Re: False copyright claims suspend Chuggaaconroy, others from YouTube: Bulbagarden, a Yeah, I've been using chugga's Pokemon Crystal LP for reference when trying to get through the single player stuff in HeartGold (the informative stuff helps a lot.)