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  • Hey hey! Here I am and as late as ever ( in fact, maybe more later than usual ^^; )! It's always nice to hear from you. But why did you think that you lost track of me? We are in each other's Wii U Friendlist after all :p Although I wish you'd grace the Miiverse with your amazing art more often.
    I'm fine, just kinda busy. Being a grown up is a hassle from time to time :p How are things for you?
    As for lame japanese kid's shows,...I'll never change :p
    Get out of my head!! I really forgot about Heartcatch...am I this predictable? :p I finally started working like a real adult and are rarely active around here, but me dropping the anime is part of my inactivity around here too. I hope XY is better ^^; The forums feel like a desert with rolling tumbleweed all over to me now...Game wise I really enjoyed the BW era though. I hope I can get a 3DS before XY are out in 2 months. If you have one I would be glad to swap FriendCodes with the good, old Bratensoße then! By the way, that battle between us is still recorded in my game. I cheated with the item-throwing thingie though and you now it :p
    Hey, long time no see! Don't worry about answering this or anything, I just wanted to say that you were missed. :)
    It is really funny, but I feel exactly the same. It is pretty scary but I've been in this fandom for almost 10 years and even made it through Jotho without much trouble, but my interest in the show is so slim like never before. I look at the episode pictures from time to time, sometimes look for scenes of newer episodes but they almost do nothing for me. I hope Gen 6 brings back the sparkle that Gen 3 brought back in the days which reignited my interest for the show. What do you think about the new, revealed Pokémon anyway? Who's your favourite? Pochama3.0, the oh-so-loved-fox or the lovely toad?
    And don't you love the new Eevee? aaawww...

    My activity has been shrinking as well. But most of the fun people stopped posting here anyway. BW didn't have something Muku-worthy so far... I really hope Gen 6 changes a few things around. Nearly 30 years old and making up stupid Pokémon Memes? Why not? :p
    Damn, looks like you are pulling a V Faction. I bet you are way too busy creating great art for your regular income and the latest anime development didn't impress you but you are missed around the forums for sure. :p
    Pfft, still putting your art down, I see. ;)

    Pretty much. 5th gen managed to suck me back in like I was back in the GSC days. Gamefreak would have to do something incredibly stupid to lose my interest now.
    I completed my Dex in White when I first got it and have got a lot of the fully evolved Pokémon and legends still on that cart so it was mainly a case of trading for a couple of hours total and then a spot of breeding to get the lower stages. I didn't have to start from scratch! Even if I end up buying Black 2 I probably won't bother to complete it again. It's boring as hell. ._.
    Too be fair, I wasn't 100% certain it was you which was why I was a bit hesitant sending a message in the first place because I wasn't sure if I'd get a WTF response back. :p

    I've been into Pokémon all this time, just more into lurking than posting. I got into shiny hunting for a few years so I was posting in those topics over at SPP and I've started to get back into it since getting the Shiny Charm on White 2. I would ask you the same but I think your post count says it all. xD
    God, I'd forgotten about being sneaselh. It's weird enough still going around as *Murkrow on a few sites.
    I just beat the league today. Somehow I liked the showdown of BW1 much better but the main plot was a lot of fun this time around as well.
    I share your experience about Cubchoo. I remember how I turned my DS clock to Winter before I stared to game back then only to be able to get a Cubchoo early on but in the end I kept using it as a water HM slave, sadly. He just went down way too fast. My team this time around had a "weak link" as well..it's really no surprise but it was Stunfisk who was only really useful early in the game. It's still an awesome Pokémon and Whiscash's US cousin, but...man...a terrifying Pokémon it is not.
    Galvantula keeps delivering though. I swept the Unova World tournament just using it today. Giant electric spiders are scary, but useful.
    Hey, I think you're response to my post was a little mean-spirited, don't you think? Did you really find my post amusing in a facetious way?
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