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  • I am finally able to go online.
    here's my FC: 5414 9132 5801
    I already got yours from stalking your deviantart profile :p
    I still need someone from the UK for that tower thingie btw *cough*
    You know, when I used to lurk here without an account, I found your posts interesting and funny. Still do, actually.

    Just...thought I'd let you know.
    Hey, I was wondering what your deviantart account was? I saw from Quag that you got a Daily Deviation, I wanted to look at it and wouldn't mind following you!
    I'm at my girlfriends appartment and she doesn't has WiFi. Its like living in the 80s :p So I can't battle right now anyway. ^^ Actually went to Mc Donald's yesterday just for the Victini download...

    My Yanapp is at level 25 right now, I am training that levitating electric eel-thingie which was my first Pokémon to appear in the electric-cave. lucky me. ^^

    A battle of fully evolved Pokémon is what it is all about anyway. So we have to delay the great battle anyway. ^^
    I'm glad they bring you joy! Hah, I recall you actually friended me on Serebii ages ago even though we've never interacted before, and... until now we still haven't really, but I've seen your posts here and there as well. I enjoyed your wittiness and since you were awesome, I figured I must somehow be awesome, so thank you for boosting my self-esteem!
    I was gonna say, since the Brock special is worth watching immediately. It does focus on Forrest more than Brock, but his family is great anyway.
    Wow...I'm not sure what to think about that. :0

    Although the juxtaposition between the Cow and Chicken-looking characters (Mother Nature resembles the teacher!) with the cutesy looking critters is certainly an odd choice, boiiiii.
    Hmm...is your avatar based off a frame of the Red Guy from the Cow and Chicken Opening?

    First thing I thought of when I saw it.
    I'm mostly lukewarm towards the character itself. She's not a bad or a good character, but her lack of involvement in the plot just chips away at my interest week after week... after week... after week... to the point that I sorta see her as moving background now.

    She's just there.
    I am pre-ordering White via amazon. Can't wait for the new games, so Freundescodes WILL be traded for sure. ;)

    Looking at the Kurumiru-episode thread right now...I can't wait for the day when QC leaves the fandom...
    Almost right.
    Banjo, Paper Mario TYD ( Äonentor :p) are definatley one of my favourites,but I always prefered LoZ:Majora's Mask for all its sidequest and crazy characters over WindWaker.

    The third would have been Pokémon RSE which got me truly back into Pokémon because of all the great new Pokémon and worldmap.

    Frohe Weihnachten, btw!
    Damn, your Top 10 Nintendo games list is awesome.
    5 of your Top 10 are among my favourite games of all time, especially DKC2 and Yoshi's Island which are in my all time Top 3.
    I applaud you, sir!

    Have you played DKCR already?
    Typing out percentages of eps you'd like to rewatch, saying, "its been years" since you've seen a particular ep.

    A rewatch isn't that bad.
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