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  • Hehe, I saw you had an encounter with the manly logical mastermind of Queen Cynthia.
    I demand fanart of the BW Pokémon you like (as in, I think you like more than a handful of them...the hate around the new critters is really depressing)! I know you'll do it anyway eventually, but I'm trying to motivate you. That's what good Teddis (who are smarter than the average bear) do.
    Well, I visit Joe's magical palace from time to time, but it is not the same since so many people (including you :p) left for good. Jup and Suikun are the only sane people in the spoiler section that aren't regulars here and too many newcomers are rather annoying (or maybe I am getting to old too, who knows?).

    My interest in these types of forums kinda shrinks anyway since the same old discussion are repeated over and over again, even here.

    But people like you, Yamato-san or V are the reason I still enjoy reading post here, so at least I don't think that you lost your charm at all.
    Being realistic is much more welcome to me than senseless fanboying over every (mostly uninteresting) character which is turning into a habit here to so many people.
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    V Faction

    Do you accept the charges and the right to be Officially Badass®? Y/N
    Why did you leave Serebii? Oh and you are hilarious, but I remember you were more active on there a while back.
    OMG! You're avatar is a V Gen Pokémon, right? Damn Gamefreak...running out of idea. It looks too girly and isn't dark enough! It isn´t a canine either... I´ll boycott the Gen V games, maybe I´ll travel even to Japan to talk to the GF people. Wanna join?

    btw, It is very hard to pick a favourite character in One Piece, because every main character is so loveable, but Usopp can't be beaten. I was currently watching the premiere of Thriller Bark in German television and the Perona fight was proof enough that my pick was the right one. ^^
    Neither Whiscash or TeddiUrsa are EV trained, to be honest. Whiscash was trained through Colloseum and TeddiUrsa kept sitting in the daycare until it was able to use its pick up ability like no one before.
    Togekiss ans Pory are EV trained, but obesides my Roserade and Garchomp, these are the only EV trained Level 100 Pokémon I own. ^^ The Battle Frontier is still wy too hard and cheaty...

    Ah, Emerald, I see. Emerald was a good way to clone my shiny horsea and trade it for event-only, rare Pokémon...I´m a sneaky bastard.

    Anyway, have fun with the "Nasgnet"/"Voluminas". ^^
    No way! You can´t give me this awesome looking Joe Camel!! Thanks a lot ^^
    What are you going to do with the lady, btw? ^^
    Yeah, the Pokewalker is a good opportunity for me to visit my local gym again. I´ll need a lot steps for that Houndour...

    I´m ready and waiting in the trading room.
    My FC is 2020 6759 1345. RNG´ing isn´t that complicated, but you need your secret ID and getting it was surely not easy. But now I have a shiny Yanma waiting to be traded over to SoulSilver ( I won´t wander around the grass hoping for the 1% chance to get it in that game).
    I´m going to be online till 5 pm today.
    Hi, I saw your shiny Nosepass request a few hours ago. I discovered RNG´ing last weekend and am able to produce shinies like mad because of this. Kinda against the idea but I like some Pokémon better as shinies, so I was breeding a few of them. To cut a long story short, I have a shiny, calm female Nosepass ready for you if want one. I don´t want anything special back for it because I caught a Pokérus Magikarp while breeding the Nosepass. I´ll be around from 11am till 4pm the next 2 days. Just tell me if you want this nasty, German stone-thing ( and tell me the wanted nickname). ^^
    Dammit,I always forget birthdays...

    Happy belated birthday anyway ;)
    Didn´t you say "Serebii forums 4Ever!" a few months ago? Why the sudden change of mind?
    Serebii needs your wackyness!
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