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  • I don't know for sure if these count. I think they do, but I could be wrong...

    I know they count towards that stupid 1 minute between posts restriction.
    Crap, I just checked my post count and I don't think they do. :( Oh well, time to troll the entire rest of the forum for posts. And I haaaate this stupid minute-long wait. :(
    I'm trying. It's a real PITA, especially since RM doesn't count and you've got that 1 minute between posts restriction.

    However, these count...I think.
    Profile messages count? Awesome! It's annoying that RM posts don't count towards unlocking restrictions like this one, though. I understand that RM posts inflate how much activity you appear to have on this site, but when you're prevented from performing simple actions because your hours and hours spent on this site don't count, it's really annoying.
    You'll see. Also, I've received a tip that we might need to get out post counts to 150 before we can change our usernames. Let's see if that's it.

    stupid RM not counting toward post count...
    Ooh, thanks for the hint! Hopefully it'll work.
    You may be slightly too late. Depends on how generous Flop is feeling.
    Tell her I sent you. That might help, or it might hurt.

    I know it was probably fairly late for you when I first sent the link, but if you had posted then, there's no doubt you would have been on-time.
    I'm Modern Orthodox, which, I suppose makes me rather religious.

    On BMGf alone, I've found two other Jews aside from yourself. Rabbit and MachDragonX, if you've encountered either of them.
    You should learn Javascript and MySQL, they're really useful. Granted, I don't know MySQL, but I *should* learn it too. :p
    Oh I know, but I've kinda been lazy the last few years when it comes to learning web stuff. I mean, HTML and PHP serve me well enough... :p I haven't even updated myself on the HTML5 changes, like I should! Bad HeroicPooch, Bad!

    The trouble for me is finding the time. Everything else comes first and my education comes last :( And the few times I do have the time, I'm tired and just need a good video game to relax with.

    Damn, Dreamweaver sounds really cool. If I had the money and the desire to shell it out on something other than a crappy video game I'll play for 3 days, I'd probably get it.
    Dreamweaver is cool, but when I say it's expensive... I mean it. It's over $400 AUD just for Dreamweaver... more if you need Flash or Photoshop (I don't, fortunately). That said, you can get Dreamweaver on a monthly plan on 9.99 AUD a month but again, that's just for DW... I wish there was a cheaper alternative that had the power Dreamweaver does.

    I completely agree with your point about Steam helping build up the Linux community. The more games Linux gets, the more people will be using Linux. Granted, Linux/FOSS purists could say "well we don't want them in our community if they don't use 100000% free and open source software" but any person thinking rationally, without a thought process muddled by their fervor for FOSS will see more Linux users, regardless of their beliefs on FOSS, as a good thing.
    Exactly... and add to the fact that FOSS isn't profitable. If we want to overthrow Windows as the dominant OS (That's what I'd love to see)... we need to encourage developers to come and support the OS, so that we can bring more users and more profit to those that do support it.
    In regards to the web languages... I use PHP too, along with HTML and CSS... but I still have a LOT to learn...I don't know MySQL or Javascript, sadly... which is something I plan on learning when I have the time.
    Wine's trouble is that a lot of windows applications don't work... I tried for a long time to get Star Wars: The Old Republic to run... but I think it's still marked as "does not work" on the Crossover database.

    Dreamweaver is an IDE... a very expensive one... that integrates almost anything a web developer would need, including the ability to upload changed files on save, etc... It also supports most web development languages. I can run it under wine, but a native alternative would be better. It also integrates with Adobe's other software - you may have heard of them - such as Photoshop, Flash, etc.

    Steam, at least in my opinion, is not only useful/fun as you said, but I feel it is important to the Linux community, even if it's closed source. I mean, Valve is one of the first major game publishers to take an interest in Linux. The more Linux users we can get to use Steam, the better our chances of convincing other publishing houses to take the chance with Linux (And SteamOS).
    I love the OS in general.

    I make a lot of Linux fans (including our own Waterlubber) cringe because i am not a proponent of open source software. I use whichever software happens to suit me the most.

    I have criticized the Linux community in the past for it's hatred of closed source drivers and software (I think it was nVidia's linux drivers, and Steam).

    That said, if you know a Linux alternative to Dreamweaver, i would love to use Linux for programming. I'm a web developer.
    Good to hear, although that's a shame. Yep, that stubborn winter is finally over.
    I need to ask you a favor, is my profile readable? Someone called me out on this a while back and I'm trying to fix it.
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