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  • I'll be back to Iteru again next will be easier xD Thanks! How was your study in Tanzania?
    Haha tell me about it, serebii is full of immature users which resort to personal insults and bashing. Sometimes i feel sorry for mods who have to deal with such mess. Granted bulbagarden isn't perfect either but i noticed people in here are kinda more civilized.

    p.s. So excited about 6th generation? Funny thing is that this show became so predictable that you can already tell whats gonna happen. Iris will leave as usual, Ash will go to new gen with Pikavhu and Cilan can go either way. Hmm his fate is right now the only one which isn't still certain.

    And as usual past characters wont be seen in meantime being left abandoned and unfinished. Sad but it seems we wont see Misty, May etc anytime soon, if ever.
    Hi, i know this may seem random and all. But do you have by any chance account on serebii or pokecommunity. I could sworn i saw you once there, but i could be easily mistaken.
    Good choice! They can keep their crazy expectations, we have depressed fish. Let 'em have their fun though, this is the most exciting thing to happen here in years. The HoennButthurtTrain, on the other hand...
    You've recently bee to Tanzania? I went there almost 5 years ago as well. How did you like it and if I may ask, what were you doing there? It isn't a very usual location for a vacation I think. ^^

    EDIT: Just saw you went there to study. By any chance have you been to the Makumira University?
    The second season is sooooooooo good in my opinion. Hunters mainly does consist of okay to boring fillers as a different head writer took over the project but there are a few good episodes or ones that actually have a main plot.
    Words of warning: The first 10 episodes are unbearably boring.
    Then episodes 11 - 54 are amazing.
    Then 54 - 79 has a few gems but mostly really bad xD
    Hi my car broke down I need a lift and a jack and a dry martini will you sign up for TOTAL-DRAMA-AS POKéMON?

    Say Sweetie Bell for yes and Applebloom for no.
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