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  • TheCapsFan
    Nothing up my sleeve but a hello!
    That's the best thing to have up the sleeve! And here's mine; Hello :D
    I mean, I suppose you could have an arm up the sleeve...wait...arms up the sleeve? Who would even think of that?


    ...no seriously. Are you going to MagFest? it's up in Baltimore.
    I hope it's not. I'm not ready for the series to end ;-; Though my wallet is xD; Same here. Do you wanna try an RP together some time? We can make it about Kingdom Hearts or Pokemon or any other game/show we have in common :D

    (....I almost forgot to reply lol) I see!

    Pretty good~ College work and stuff, but it could be worse.

    I see. xD

    Well it's casual in that there's no rank or anything. :p When a match is over it's over.

    And speaking of Splatoon I decided to start "cosplaying" in-game as my original character. xD
    Haha yeah, but at least it looks like it'll be the last one before, 3, the finale. So it's..it's almost over..*sniff* Aww..have you done any RPs before?

    The funz never endz @[email protected]

    Campus...wow. Somehow it didn't click to me that you were in college.

    Ehehehehehehehehe understandable. Turf Wars isn't SUPPOSED to be competitive but my brain seems unable to accept that @[email protected] Ranked mode, however, is a whole other story...
    I am quite hyped for KH3 as well! Did you hear about the release of 2.8? The trailer looks great! How about this code!?! Better yet! Let's do an RP~! :D

    It's okay Greece. I have been really busy myself with college as well ToT
    What the...what the what!? >< That's absurd.

    Awww. Wait, animation class? Cool o_O

    I've been doing alright. Splatoon has been irritating me a lot (some days way more than others) but I still like the game. xD
    I am really hyped for the FF7 remake and KH3! Maybe there are secret Pokemon haters here from a Pokemon hater clan who have come to spy on us and gather info for their planned invasion to take over Bulbagarden! D: ....man, that sounded like something that would come out of a fanfic xD

    It's over 9000 pls XD Maybe he's actually a comedian/actor and they hired him to pretend to be the weatherman XD
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