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  • Haha yeah, there are a lot of good ones! I also like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and most action RPGs in general. And of course, our presence on this forum confirms that we are Pokemon lovers xD

    Its ninja skills were too good xD Ahaha improvisation level: Boss! Now I wonder if they did that on purpose to get publicity xD
    Me too~ What's your favorite RPG? :D

    Check my last VM carefully, and all will be revealed~~
    I can tell ;~;

    Yeah! :D

    Mhm. c: I think part of it was I never really heard it by itself without background noise and stuff before.
    So basically every hack-and-slash RPG XD

    Oh my XD I came across something random as well~
    Ah, yeah, I see what you mean. ^^ Personally I sorta wish I could vacation more often xD

    That's a really good point xD

    Lol, exactly. xD And totally. I never really appreciated that song til recently, now it's prolly my favorite battle theme in the game.
    Oooooooooh. Awesome!

    I'm glad, too. ^^ totally~

    I can understand that. Some music is just epic. Like this.
    Oh dear...where ya goin'?

    Whoa, that second one doesn't sound like battle music at all xD These are cool songs tho. c: Not surprised. xD

    A speech? O~O Oh dear ...

    I see. I don't blame you ^^;

    Such as?

    That's good to hear. Always nice when a game has great battle music.

    That's possible too, but I like the paw explanation better XD


    [Alright thennnnnnnnnnn]

    I've seen it explained as a catface with the paw held up to the chin.

    Yep :/ that's a rather short time

    [I'm out of ideasssssssss]
    Fair enough~ It's too bad I can't invite you to my birthday party tho, since I'd probably be having one D:

    Oh no. :c

    Oh, I can understand you getting confused then xD

    I understand completely. :p

    Yeah~ :D Command & Conquer has awesome soundtrack. uwu Though these songs you sent me are pretty sweet too :D Especially the first one.
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