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  • Chocolate is nice~ And yeah, carrot cake tastes a lot different than you would expect. For better or for worse is a matter of opinion tho XD

    Almost there~!

    Yeah ... :p

    Interesting. c: And vastly different from each other too. xD

    And speaking of favorite game soundtracks ... here are -- one, two, three -- of mine, all from the same game~ (I hope I haven't shared these all already xD)
    Hey there ^^ Been a while eh? Sorry, I got caught up in exams :/ And looks like I missed your birthday >.< Happy belated birthday at any rate, hope you enjoyed it~ :)
    And don't think I forgot about our gif spam >:D
    Good to hear. c: I've taken a liking to carrot cake personally.

    I can understand that xD

    Oh, fair enough ^^

    Also fair enough. Do you have favorites as far as that goes?


    I see. Honestly I never really got on the indie game hype train though. ^^;

    Totally. owo Some of my favorite video-game soundtrack ever~
    You're welcome. ^^ How did it go?

    Oh, yay! Almost there owo

    ... oh my goodness. xD I'm not sure if it's my kind of thing though ^^;

    Here's a favorite of mine. c: And here's another.
    Dang ... when does summer vacation start for you?

    Well ... I actually did click the wrong unit at one point yesterday, so ... I guess I do too. xD

    Not familiar with ..... wait. Necrodancer? XD

    Yeah ... definitely not for the faint of heart. XD I love the soundtrack in GX (Gamecube one) though. <3
    I can tell o_O; I missed you. D:

    Yeah ... doesn't happen as much now though, thankfully. XD

    Which ones?

    I played the one on the Gamecube. Never beat it though, it was really tough.


    Indeed X3

    Ah, it's fine, it's finals season. At least it's almost over. ^^
    I haven't played in weeks honestly xD Been too busy with other stuff.

    Eh, actually for a while I was getting the images for two different units mixed up. xD I'd click on what I thought was one and end up watching another roll out of the Vehicle Assembly and be like "wait ... what?"

    Awww. D: What subjects? and to be fair you weren't very active lately to begin with :p

    This music is awesome @[email protected]
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