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Grievous Intrigue

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  • Of course I do (since your messages are still on my profile posts), and it's great to hear from you. I assume this extended pause is because you were busy with real lfie (that's understandable) and I hope you're doing well.
    When your friends are all good at life and you're sitting there like ". . . how did I forget to write my name on this assignment?"
    No worries, I think you sort of explained your reason before. I'd like to hear about Dusk and Dawn, you were pretty close. I've also been shiny breeding, In fact, short of actively participating in online battle competitions I've pretty much exhausted my options in the games (both Kalos and Hoenn).
    I'm fine, thank you. Pretty hyped for the new games. Still surprised there won't be a 3rd version for the gen. I mean it was in the name: X(erneas), Y(velta) and Z(ygarde). Plus, the Kalos storyline feels a bit inconclusive. I was honestly expecting something like BW2.
    Hope to hear from you more.
    Hey there, looks like it's us for the Wonder Spin Trade! I've added your FC, mine is 3394-3742-8499 (IGN: Kevin) so just shoot me a message when you can trade, thanks!
    Then what are you? :eek:
    You too :p You stoped replying for months.

    Bagon done, I am having problems with getting the 0ivs tho :p
    My ear :B jk It's funny how hyperative you are xD
    Now Imma be more online, though I have work later.

    Pfft nope XD I like to be in the trade section. I mean it's the only section I can help with.
    Now I am alive OWO I wasn't really updated with Skype now tho, congrats on the Wonderspinn~ I hope it is sucessful.
    But reply to me too eh? xD

    Pfffft, it was fun running the shop with her. Even if I had to deal with y-- I wasnt gonna say your impossible egg moves pokes! -w-;
    Now you can gossip with her over Skype too, thanks to me -w-)/

    sigh I miss my shop with Nina, she was too kind to offer me when I was too fresh here y'know, had lotsa fun with her ^^ And she was kind as to always helping me when I was stuck. I will always thankful for that. sniff.. .. As for why Imma tell you on SKype if that's okay uwu
    Pff I didn't know you included my own shop in your sig. :p

    Also sorry for de-friending you, a couple weeks back I was cleaning out my friends list of people whom I didn't speak to or never were coming back. :T
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