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  • Ahahaha. It's a best friend to all.

    Yea she is. I just saw that you follow her on twitter and wondered if you joined in. xD
    Nurse Crow said I should hit the hay early so that's what I'm going to do. So good night MG!

    Btw have you been participating in Mooty's giveaway? I'm curious if you got anything.
    I know a bunch of metaphors yet haven't a clue as to why I know them but eh c'est la vie. But how are you MG? Do anything fun lately?
    Sorry I've been as sick as a dog so I haven't done much aside run the create a holiday pokemon contest. But hiiiii.
    My clothes still reek of smoke, and it's been 14 hours since the thing was put out. I think I've run the corner shop out of scented candles.

    The house was empty, which is a bloody good thing because when I surveyed the damage I saw burnt metal (white goods) and melted fittings. Nobody was going to survive that.
    That's some timing, I've been awake for 8 hours now!

    There has been a fire on my street today though. Rather a strange site, going to put the kettle on and being greeted by a window full of acrid smoke.
    Not much else. The only other shiny legends I have is Kyurem (flawless and Adamant) and Palkia (random). Yeah, we can trade, but I want something specific for them. Nothing big just an stuff I can't normally get in AS...which amounts to over a hundred, but most of all I would like the Adaptability Skrelp. As for others, pick from this list: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - Unobtainable Pokémon (if possible, I would like them to be as decently bred as you can,please). Thank you.
    Perfect actually. With a good nature and everything. Can't wait to send them to my AS because their shinies are so cool. Just got my 8th badge. Challenging myself by trying to find all plates underwater. Reeeeally difficult since I can't use the Dowsing Machine when diving.
    Okay. Tired, it's late here but the weather is banging on my window and keeping me awake. Sorry to disappoint, but this won't be dragging on too long.

    How are you?
    Many thanks, send me a note when you're ready. Yeah, you can use the GTS to first deposit a very common and unwanted 'mon (like Zigzagoon), then ask for the Pokemon you have on your other cartridge. That way if you get sniped, you won't basically lose much. The bad thing about this (especially for those who have 2 cartridges) is that you have to turn off the DS and switch cartridges again and again.
    Most of the times I reset, 50% of that was Timid, way too much to be coincidental. Speaking of which, I found out how to trade with myself using the GTS. One problem is that I can't trade Event Legends, so I need your help so I can send my (let me count...) 8 events to my AS.
    Well, just went through the part where I travel to Southern Island (where I don't need the Ticket), and caught Latias. Thank goodness it can be Synchronized otherwise it would have taken MUCH longer. I caught one with max IV in all stats (or at least with 30 IV), except HP which has 7-9. But it's decent enough not to warrant another run through the humongous cutscene. Good thing I trained myself with Diancie.
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