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  • Depends on what you want: Infiltrator is good for bypassing Substitute, while Frisk can make a difference in telling you how your opponent's Pokemon is used, for example whether an Azumarill will have a Sitrus Berry or Choice Band.
    It gets a little easier after you beat the Chatelaine at the 50th battle. After that every battle won gets you 7 BP. I'll attach it to a Pumpkaboo (different from the shiny one for your brother, which will have an Everstone).
    Nah, I not into Viv collecting keep it and so far I don't want anything cloned. Thank you. I'll see if I can get you a Sash.
    Going to draw a new Avatar for myself. I don't feel like finding a Shiny Noivern off the internet anymore. I've already got some ideas. lol, suddenly I find myself doing status updates.
    I wonder how many Ubers are one-shot by my Noivern's Choice Specs Draco Meteor at +0 SpA. It would be interesting to see my Noivern grind through some team.
    "Drop Da Bass used Draco Meteor!"
    Looking for battles. I go online at random times, but it's usually easy to catch me around. Friend Code is 0490-6259-3111. Need to get back in the swing of things. I'm in Pacific Time Zone, so you won't see me later in the day. :D
    I have managed to hatch one, but its ATK IVs is 20-21. I don't I can manage to breed a new shiny before the April Friendly, do you still want it?
    Your Machop is ready. I raised it to a Machoke (without any EVs) so it can evolve when I trade it to you.
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